Jan 212014

Penguin here.

Last week we had a warm spell, and it was so nice to go out for walks and enjoy the warmth. This week, we’re back to frigid winter weather (which is the winter norm where we live), and so I thought that it would be very appropriate to post an animal that is also used to cold temperatures: a gentoo penguin chick. By the way, did you know that this penguin was a day old in the picture? You could read more about the chick here at ZooBorns.

Adorable Baby Gentoo Penguin Chick

Adorable Baby Gentoo Penguin Chick

Photo taken by Debbie Grant at Edinburgh Zoo and found here: ZooBorns

Aug 122013

Penguin here.

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, so in her honour, I will be posting a picture of a king penguin mother and her fuzzy chick.

My mother has always been there to watch over me and help me out, just like this penguin who is affectionately embracing her little one.

By the way, Blue Bear and I took many great animal pictures on our trip, so stay tuned, because we will be posting some soon!

King Penguin Mother with Chick

King Penguin Mother with Chick

Found here: National Geographic

Jan 102013

Penguin here.

Part of our usual winter woes is catching a cold (just like Blue Bear, my sister, and I did). But catching a cold isn’t all that bad when you have a cute kleenex box like this one to keep you company:

Penguin Pals Kleenex Box

Penguin Pals Kleenex Box

This is my sister’s kleenex box. A special thanks to her for taking a picture of it to share with us!

Now, here’s a picture of a goofy king penguin chick:

King Penguin Chick

Brown Fuzzball (a.k.a King Penguin Chick)

King penguin chick found here: King Penguins

Oct 092012

Penguin here.

I love this picture of a Gentoo penguin with his/her chicks. Isn’t it adorable? According to Wikipedia’s Gentoo Penguin article, the Gentoo penguin is the third largest species of penguin, trailing behind the Emperor and King penguins. They also have a characteristic white stripe along their head.

Gentoo Penguin with Chicks

Gentoo Penguin with Chicks

Found here: Baby Gentoo Penguin Chicks in Antarctica

Oct 042012

Penguin here.

A lot of special animal days are taking place this month.

Today, October 4th, is World Animal Day, a day meant to recognize all animals and the people who help them. You can read all about it here at World Animal Day. As you can probably tell, we love animals here at ACAD. If you want to learn some interesting animal facts about all kinds of animals, please visit National Geographic’s Animal Facts page.

I am subscribed to the Toronto Zoo’s facebook page, and today they posted an absolutely adorable picture of penguins. As you can also probably tell, I love penguins, and for that reason, we will be having an ACAD Penguin special!

These two little African penguin chicks were born at the Toronto Zoo. I fell in love with this picture as soon as I saw it. Aren’t these two little chicks the fuzziest and sweetest ever?

African Penguin Chicks

Pure Penguin Fuzz

Posted by The Toronto Zoo on their facebook page here.

Jun 242012

Penguin here.

As you must know, I’m a huge fan of penguins (so is Blue Bear). When I saw this picture, I couldn’t help but decide to share it here on ACAD with you guys.
Here are some possible characteristics of what makes up an adorable animal picture (one or more may apply):
1) HUGE feet => the penguin has them
2) some chubbiness => check
3) much fuzziness => check
4) the animal is in some kind of goofy pose, or there is something goofy in the background => definitely!
5) some tiny things => the penguin has tiny wings, eyes, beak => check

Clearly this picture can be considered absolutely adorable and belongs here on ACAD.

Adorably Baby Penguin Chick with Plushy

Can you guess which one of us is the plushy toy?

Found here: Fanpop

Mar 112012

Penguin here.

Last year, the Toronto zoo opened a Magellan Penguin (a.k.a African Penguin) exhibit for the very first time. Blue Bear and I went to check it out and even took some pictures which we will post here on the site some time in the near future. According to cbcnews, penguins Gozi & Puff formed a couple and had this tiny little chick you see here! Isn’t this the cutest little penguin ever? I can’t stop looking at him/her! Look at those wings! Look at that beak! This little magellan penguin chick is the most scrumptious thing ever!

Magellan Penguin Chick

Yup, I'm soft and fuzzy too.

Found here: cbcnews

Oct 062011

Penguin here.

That title is quite a mouthful. Yes, as the title says, I’m sorry. I apologize very much everyone for my lack of posts. This was an exciting and busy week for me, full of novelty and a lot of learning. I think I’ll be more into the swing of things next week.

I was trying to imagine what I could possibly use as an animal for today’s post. Well, I decided the most appropriate thing would be to post a picture of a penguin! Can you believe how fuzzy and tiny our little Gentoo friend is? I think that he is an indescribably cute chick. Look at those feet! Look at those wings! Look at that beak! Ahhhh! This penguin chick hits very high on the adorable meter. We’re definitely a huge fan of this chick here on ACAD.

How’s that for an apology?

baby penguin chick Pictures, Images and Photos

Found here: Photobucket

Feb 262011

Hi everyone,

In case you didn’t know, today’s my birthday! In order to help celebrate my special day, I felt it appropriate to post an image of another fellow penguin. I don’t think I need to emphasize the fact that this guy is an absolute cutie. Look at his sleepy innocent face, his tiny wings, his downy feathers, and his large feet! I’d love to invite him to my birthday party.

cute baby emperor penguin chick

What a fuzzy guy!

Found here: Bogoboo