Jun 192013

Penguin here.

I am a huge fan of pigs. When I noticed that we hadn’t posted any in a while, and found this little piggy, I knew he would be the topic of today’s post. Just so you are aware, a sus scrofa is simply the word for a wild boar, or wild pig, and this is actually the wild ancestor of today’s domestic pigs according to Wikipedia’s Wild Boar article. This young pig in particular certainly has gotten his little snout dirty in those autumn leaves! What a goofy guy. I bet he had fun sniffing around, don’t you?

Sus scrofa piglet

By Sander van der Wel (Frisling) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Mar 142013

Penguin here.

It seems like we’re posting a lot of animals in costume this week! My sister shared this adorable piggy with me and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys too. Not only is this pig in a tutu, but in a very fancy multicolored one too. What a sweet little ballerina!

Adorable Pig in a Tutu

I've got an oinking that she's going to be asked to the ball

Found here: critty pet blog community
Photo credits: Richard Austin/Rex/Rex USA in his 2013 wall calendar

Mar 042012

Penguin here.

I love pigs. I have pig socks and pig slippers. Piglet is one of my favourite Pooh characters (tied with Pooh himself). Yet I never saw a pig that looked so much like the stereotypical piggy bank! Don’t you agree?
This little piglet is absolutely adorable! He’s soft, fuzzy, and spotted. He has adorable ears and an adorable pig nose (with a black spot on it). This little pig makes me smile every time I look at him!

Adorable Spotted Piglet

Adorable Spotted Piggy

Found here: Daily Squee

Jul 142011

Hi guys! Blue Bear and Penguin here to bring you a post for the penultimate day of the Winnie the Pooh countdown! The character for the final day is obvious, but for today, who could forget Piglet! He’s Pooh’s best pal and is a very nervous little guy. Just take a look at this picture for evidence of his worried ways:

Oh dear, Pooh... This looks daaaangerous!

Oh dear, Pooh... This looks daaaangerous!

One thing to note about the picture above is how poorly the teacup fits on his head. Imagine that! He’s so small that a teacup is wobbly on his little head. We’ve found a great picture to go with the one above; it’s a piglet wearing dirty little rainboots that also seem very wobbly! This is a piglet so small that children’s rainboots look 100 times too big for him. I dare you to try to not find this adorable:

Little Piggy Wearing Dirty Rainboots

At least my feet aren't dirty!

Picture of the little piggy: LOL, so cute

Feb 172011

Look at this little guy! By the look on his face, I think he knows he’s not coming in the house until he wipes his feet. That’s okay, though, because he’ll get a wipe of the feet and then a hug and a snack, and he’ll appreciate and enjoy every moment of attention he’s getting. I wonder if he’s always this messy, or if this is a new thing for him! Whatever the case, he’s having tons of fun.

Muddy Little Piglet

Muddy Little Piglet