Dec 022013

Penguin here.

I stumbled upon these piggies on reddit today. Aren’t they so adorable? Blue Bear and I love pigs so much, that when we first started being friends, we always talked about having one.

What do you guys think? Aren’t these pink piggies just so cute?

Adorable Pink Piglets

Adorable Pink Piglets

Found here: Imgur

Jun 192013

Penguin here.

I am a huge fan of pigs. When I noticed that we hadn’t posted any in a while, and found this little piggy, I knew he would be the topic of today’s post. Just so you are aware, a sus scrofa is simply the word for a wild boar, or wild pig, and this is actually the wild ancestor of today’s domestic pigs according to Wikipedia’s Wild Boar article. This young pig in particular certainly has gotten his little snout dirty in those autumn leaves! What a goofy guy. I bet he had fun sniffing around, don’t you?

Sus scrofa piglet

By Sander van der Wel (Frisling) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

May 022013

Penguin here.

These pigs look so goofy in their ballerina costumes, don’t you think? Apparently dressing up pigs in tutus is relatively common; as you can see, we even have a sister post of another piggy in a tutu here.
Some cute things to note: one of the pigs is yawning; one has random patches of black hair; one has a random black patch on his/her nose; the costume comes with an extra pair of legs so that it looks like these piggies are doing some serious ballet moves.

Adorable Pigs in Tutus

Piggy Ballerinas

Image found on google images, but originally from which does not seem to exist…

Mar 142013

Penguin here.

It seems like we’re posting a lot of animals in costume this week! My sister shared this adorable piggy with me and I couldn’t help but share it with you guys too. Not only is this pig in a tutu, but in a very fancy multicolored one too. What a sweet little ballerina!

Adorable Pig in a Tutu

I've got an oinking that she's going to be asked to the ball

Found here: critty pet blog community
Photo credits: Richard Austin/Rex/Rex USA in his 2013 wall calendar

Sep 262012

Penguin here.

Oh my goodness, have you ever seen something adorable? I want that piggy so badly! Look how adorably pink, sweet, innocent, and cuddly he is! I think he’s even smaller than the toy he’s hugging. What a little sweetheart.

Pig Cuddling with Piggy Plushy

Cuddle Buddies

Found here: Piccsy

Mar 042012

Penguin here.

I love pigs. I have pig socks and pig slippers. Piglet is one of my favourite Pooh characters (tied with Pooh himself). Yet I never saw a pig that looked so much like the stereotypical piggy bank! Don’t you agree?
This little piglet is absolutely adorable! He’s soft, fuzzy, and spotted. He has adorable ears and an adorable pig nose (with a black spot on it). This little pig makes me smile every time I look at him!

Adorable Spotted Piglet

Adorable Spotted Piggy

Found here: Daily Squee