Jul 112011

Penguin here.

For today’s post, we have one of my personal favourite characters: Rabbit. Poor Rabbit always has some kind of inconvenience happen to him, whether it has something to do with Pooh getting stuck in his hole, some gardening troubles, or Tigger jumping onto him and catching him by surprise. Although he may complain quite a bit, and get annoyed quite often, Rabbit is a friendly guy and is always content around his friends from One Hundred Acre Wood.

Here’s a picture of Rabbit in the middle of a tight situation:

Pooh Stuck in Rabbit's Hole

Poor Pooh is Stuck!

And here’s a picture of a real rabbit!

Adorable Brown Rabbit

Adorable Brown Rabbit

Picture of Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh found here: http://craigbarlow.blogspot.com/2009/05/pooh.html

Picture of a bunny rabbit found here: Acid Pilot’s deviantART