9 Lives

9 Lives is a brand of cat food products that is one of the best-selling and most well-known in the world. One reason why the brand was so popular is that the products are quite affordable and is offered in a wide assortment of different recipes.

Top 9 Lives Cat Food

Bestseller No. 1
9Lives Soft Cat Treats, Ocean Medley Flavor, 2.1-Ounce Bag (Pack of 12)
2 Reviews
9Lives Soft Cat Treats, Ocean Medley Flavor, 2.1-Ounce Bag (Pack of 12)
  • Contains 12 - 2.1oz pouches
  • Cat treats with the Ocean flavors your cat craves
  • Contains high quality protein
  • 9Lives cat treats also available in chicken & Turkey flavored crunchy cat treats
Bestseller No. 2
Country Life Ultra Concentrated Omega 3-6-9, 180-Softgels
27 Reviews
Country Life Ultra Concentrated Omega 3-6-9, 180-Softgels
  • "MULTIVITAMIN" OF OMEGA - Country Life Omega 3-6-9 Complete Supplement is the "multivitamin" of supplement oils, and offers a spectrum of 1,534mg of Omega fatty acids: - Omega 3: EPA, DHA, and alpha-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid - Omega 6: Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid - Omega 9: Oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid.
  • NO FISHY TASTE - Each Softgel is natural lemon flavored - no fishy taste. The fish oil, derived from anchovy, sardine, mackerel, herring, salmon, and tuna, has been processed using molecular distillation to ensure its purity. The plant oils were also 100% expeller pressed without hexane or harsh chemicals.
  • GLUTEN FREE - Gluten Free Certification for this Dietary Supplement provided by GFCO.org.
  • COUNTRY LIFE PLEDGE OF INTEGRITY - means that every product we provide comes with a guarantee of high quality and purity in every bottle.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food, 16 lb
1,912 Reviews
Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food, 16 lb
  • Contains 1 - 16 lb bag
  • 100% Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Provides all essential vitamins and minerals
  • High quality protein to help support strong, healthy muscles.
Bestseller No. 5
No Game No Life, Vol. 9 (light novel)
  • Yuu Kamiya
  • Publisher: Yen On
  • Paperback: 224 pages
Bestseller No. 6
9 Lives Variety Gravy Favorites - Wet Cat Food (Gravy Favorites Variety Pack, 3 Pack of 12)
  • Each pack contains 12 can Gravy Favorites variety pack-4 of each flavor
  • Includes Real Chicken and Fish, Real Beef and Chicken, and Real Veal flavors
  • 100 % complete and balanced nutrition for cats
Bestseller No. 7
Legally Blondes
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Legally Blondes
  • MGM (10/31/2008)
  • Prime Video, PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Running time: 85 minutes
  • Rebecca Rosso, Brittany Curran, Camilla Rosso, Bobby Campo, Chloe Bridges
  • English
SaleBestseller No. 8
Garden of Life Vegetarian Omega 3 6 9 Supplement - Raw CoQ10 Chia Seed Oil Whole Food Nutrition with Antioxidant Support, 60 Capsules
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Garden of Life Vegetarian Omega 3 6 9 Supplement - Raw CoQ10 Chia Seed Oil Whole Food Nutrition with Antioxidant Support, 60 Capsules
  • Supports cardiovascular function and heart health
  • Powerful antioxidant support-fights free radicals
  • Supports cellular growth, energy production and physical performance as well as healthy aging and longevity
  • Supports digestive health-promotes regularity, digestive comfort and healthy elimination
  • Raw, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Live Probiotics, No Binders, fillers or carriers
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Monster Trucks
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Monster Trucks
  • Paramount Pictures (03/27/2017)
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  • Running time: 104 minutes
  • Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon, Barry Pepper, Rob Lowe
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Bestseller No. 10
Big Life Journal, Second Edition: A Growth Mindset Journal for Children
  • In this growth mindset journal, children discover how to believe in themselves and face challenges with confidence. They learn that mistakes are opportunities to GROW and they can achieve anything when they're persistent!
  • GROWTH MINDSET: helps children develop a growth mindset and promotes social-emotional learning
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  • BEAUTIFUL KEEPSAKE: has bright, sturdy hardcover, 176 pages of high-quality paper, and sewn-in satin ribbon bookmark.

9 Lives

9 Lives is a cat food brand extension of Big Heart Pet Brands, which is also a part of JM Smucker Company. 9 Lives originally started back in 1959, but really took off the next year after an animal talent scout, Bob Martwick, found and adopted an orange tabby cat called Morris. The cat went on to become the center of the company’s marketing campaigns. Morris also went on to star in over 50 commercials and also a film with Burt Reynolds.

Currently, the company is based in San Francisco, California. All the cat food products are manufactured in facilities located in Pennsylvania and Kansas. The production of wet cat food is split between the facilities of international manufacturers and United States-owned facilities. The brand also sources most of its ingredients from North America.


What are some benefits of feeding 9 Lives food products to your cat?

The brand works to provide some great benefits to your cats, like:


Strong muscle growth

As we know, protein is one of the most important nutrients needed for the growth and development of a cat’s body. Cats are known to produce most of the needed amino acids they require naturally, but require ten essential amino acids from their diets. 9 Lives recipes make use of real ingredients like turkey, salmon, and chicken, which are great sources of protein for healthy and strong muscles.


Healthy skin and fur coat

Lack of proper nutrients can lead to greasy skin, hair loss, and dry fur. Hence, 9 Lives recipes contain nutrients like omega fatty acids that help support a healthy fur coat and skin so that your feline friend looks as good as it feels.


Clear vision and healthy heart

Deficiency of taurine can lead to damage to the retina and weakening of the heart muscles, which can lead to blindness or heart failure. Additionally, cats lack the means and ability to produce taurine on their own. This is where 9 Lives steps in. The brand makes sure that the recipes contain the essential amounts of taurine that will help maintain overall visual clarity and live a healthy and long life.


Hairball control

9 Lives recipes are filled with garden greens and natural fiber, which contains essential vitamins in turn. This particular formula will help maintain the intensity of hair fall on your cat and everything else that it needs to thrive.


What kinds of products are offered by 9 Lives?

It is a known fact that 9 Lives offer a wide variety of different product choices. The products come in both canned and dry food options, all of which are further divided into different product lines. According to the brand’s website, the wet food products make use of meaty and tender morsels that are simmered in a rich gravy with fish flakes or savory shreds to create an irresistible flavor profile and aroma. Similarly, dry cat food offers different product lines to meet the nutrition needs of your cats.


What are some great 9 Lives cat food products?

Some mouth-watering 9 Lives products for your feline friend are:


9 Lives Daily Essentials with Chicken, Beef, and Salmon Flavor

This particular recipe by 9 Lives is a dry food under the category of Daily Essentials. Whole ground corn is the first ingredient here, which is quite an economical grain that contributes considerably to the overall carbohydrate content. Carbohydrate is needed by any animal to convert fats into energy. The lesser carbohydrate content the recipe has, the faster will your cat grow tired and sleepy.

The second ingredient here is chicken by-product meal. Beef fat is added as an appropriate source of fatty acids. Then bone and meat meal are included. Small amounts of animal-sourced ingredients are also added like salmon meal and animal digest, which is an additive that is highly palatable. Overall, this recipe is quite an affordable product and can be enjoyed by your cat.


9 Lives Protein Plus with Chicken and Tuna Flavors

This recipe emphasizes high-quality protein content as its main selling point. This recipe contains the flavors of tuna and chicken. As the above, the first ingredient is whole ground corn, which acts as a primary supply of carbohydrates and helps the kibble maintain its structure. A small amount of wheat is also added to the recipe.

Chicken by-product meal is followed next. Animal fat is used as the source of fat. Tuna meal is also used. This recipe is quite economical and contains decent protein content, high content of carbohydrate, and low-fat content. The recipe will taste extremely delicious to your cat and will purr out with joy!


9 Lives Hearty Cuts with Real Beef and Chicken in Gravy

This recipe contains a mixture of meat and other ingredients that are extruded and formed into delicious chunks. Water sufficient for processing is listed as the first ingredient. All the ingredients used to make this recipe are listed according to their pre-cooking weight.

The second ingredient used is meat by-products. The list lists chicken and real beef as the next ingredients. Steamed bone meal, corn starch, and soy protein concentrate are the next ingredients used. Some natural additives are used as well, only to enhance the overall palatability of the food. This recipe is high in protein and rich in a lot of different nutrients like amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. It also has a high carbohydrate content with low-fat content.

Overall, 9 Lives is quite a reputable cat food brand that offers a wide range of cat food to the market. The products are highly affordable and contain only the best-quality ingredients. Only the freshest meat is used as the source of protein in 9 Lives recipes. Definitely, you are getting nothing but the best at very affordable price rates!

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