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Authority Dog Food

Authority dog food is manufactured by Authority, Inc., which is owned by PetSmart. This is one of the leading pet store chains in America. Established in 1995, Authority, Inc. outsources some of its food production abroad. This came to light during the notorious melamine recall in 2007, which also involved many other dog food brands.

Authority provides nutritionally-balanced dog food, which their slogan, “experts in nutrition,” also suggests. Authority dog food is made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. The brand aims to improve the oral health of every dog that eats tits dog food. It comes with a patented ‘Ora-Shield System,’ which is known for reducing plaque and tartar, in turn keeping the dog’s teeth healthy.

Awards and certifications

Authority dog food fulfills all the nutritional requirements of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). This means that Authority dog food meets the national dog food standards. Moreover, this brand has got two certifications, namely:

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


Two types of Authority dog foods

Authority offers two different dog food types as mentioned below:

1. Authority dry food

Authority produces a wide range of dry dog foods with different variations for health issues, stages of life, and distinct sizes of dogs. Moreover, the brand offers additional options for dogs that have special dietary needs.

The full range of Authority dry food includes Authority Chicken & Rice, Authority Weight Management, Authority Lamb & Rice, Authority Grain-Free, Authority Immunity & Digestive Support, Authority GNC Pet Food, and Authority Tender Blends.

2. Authority wet food

Authority offers an extensive array of wet food as well. These include Authority Ground Adult Dog Food, Authority Grain-Free, Authority Senior Dog Food, Authority Small Breed, Authority Weight Management, Authority GNC Pet Food, and Authority Joint Support for Older Dogs.


Why should you go for Authority dog food?

Authority dog food is a high-quality dog food offered by a reputed pet store. It provides adequate nutrition for different types, sizes, and ages of dogs. Moreover, Authority dog food offers grain-free and GNC-endorsed options for owners who want to keep their pup healthy. This brand offers something for every dog. There are many reasons why you should opt for Authority dog food. Some of these include:

Excellent reputation

Authority is a trustworthy brand since it is owned by one of the best pet stores in the country. With a great reputation, this brand only uses 100% natural and high-quality ingredients in their products so as to leave pet owners free of any worries regarding their dog.

Partnership with GNC pets

Authority is affiliated with General Nutrition Centers (GNC) in order to provide dog food that is full of mineral and vitamin supplements. This range allows dog owners to target particular areas of their dog’s health and thus enhance their health with specially-formulated dog food.

Extensive range

Authority offers a wide array of dog food types and flavors to customers. This includes both wet and dry dog foods. The staple formula offered by Authority is Chicken and rice. This formula consists of de-boned chicken, which is the main ingredient. It provides at least 26% protein to dogs and each cup of this dog food variant comprises 360 kcals.

Moreover, Authority’s second formula, lamb and rice, provides variety to dogs in their diet in order to ensure that they aren’t bored with the same food. This formula is a blend of lamb meal and real lamb, along with chicken fat and fish meal. It provides 25% protein to dogs and includes 375 kcals in its every cup.

Grain-free formula option

Authority provides a wide assortment of grain-free products. These dog foods are ideal for dogs that are allergic to other food types. Authority offers three chicken options for adult dogs as well as puppies of various breeds. It offers one other grain-free formula with turkey as its primary ingredient. This formula is ideal for dogs at their every stage of life.

Smaller food pieces

Authority offers a range called ‘small bites.’ This range is specially formulated for dogs that find it hard to chew larger pieces of food. This is an ideal dog food for dogs that have dental problems. This range offers only one flavor, namely the regular chicken and rice. It consists of fat and meal from chicken, real meat, salmon oil, and dried egg, all of which are nutritious. Moreover, this dog food range is suitable for dogs at all life stages. It promotes healthy digestion.

Option for overweight dogs

Authority’s weight management dog food helps in diminishing the weight of your dog and bringing it to an optimal level. At the same time, it ensures that your dog enjoys its food. The main ingredient in this formula is Chicken, which satiates the dog’s appetite.

Every cup of weight management dog food consists of 340 kcals. This dog food type is balanced with sufficient minerals and nutrients. This ensures that your dog burns its calories as well remains healthy. It comes in one standard option and one option for larger dogs.

Great for oral health

Authority dog food also has products that are good for the dental health of dogs. It has created the Ora-Shield System that reduces plaque and tartar buildup and helps in maintaining the oral health of dogs.

Affordable price

Authority dog food is quite reasonable as compared to other dog food brands out there. It’s not as expensive as other high-end dog food brands available on the market. Moreover, Authority dog food is great for finicky dogs since the brand offers several options to satisfy several dietary requirements of such dogs.

All these reasons show that Authority dog food is a safe choice for dog owners. It provides complete nutrition as per your pet’s requirements.


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