Bil-Jac Dog Food

Bil-Jac Dog Food is one of the oldest dog food companies in the market. It is a family-owned enterprise that has been offering super-premium dog foods since 1947. The ultimate goal of this company is to provide high-end dog food using limited ingredients. Kelly Foods Corporation exclusively produces this whole range of dog foods.

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Bil-Jac Dog Food

History of Bil-Jac

Bil-Jac Dog Food comes from the company Bil-Jac. This company was started by Bill and Jack Kelly in 1947. It is operated and owned by the Kelly family. Bil-Jac shares its origin with Medina, Ohio. Its manufacturing units are located in several cities like MD, Berlin, OH, and Medina.

The first and foremost product from the Bil-Jac company was frozen and raw Bil-Jac Dog Food. This company continues to sell this product even today. Bil-Jac Dog Food is vacuum-dried and fresh dog food, which is made with contents that are not old more than two weeks from the sale.

Bil-Jac Dog Food was the only good under the category of fresh food for pets until 2007. In that year, the Kelly family added Freshpet to their fresh food category. The Bil-Jac company does not make use of any protein concentrate or gluten. All of the grains and meats for their products are sourced in the United States.

Frozen Bil-Jac Dog Food is not easily available in various places as it requires to be kept frozen at stores and during transport. But, the demand for Bil-Jac Dog Food remains high all the time. Bil-Jac even manufactures dry dog foods and such other popular treats.

Overview of Bil-Jac Dog Food

Bil-Jac manufactures dry food for dogs, adult dogs, and puppies while keeping in mind their special needs. These dog foods come with senior select, reduced fat, and sensitive solutions. This company even offers lots of popular treat goods for dogs.

Bil-Jac Dog Food for adult dogs and puppies come in small breed, large breed, and select formulas. The company Bil-Jac boasts the freshness of the contents they use. They make use of 12 pounds of fresh chicken so as to make 15 pounds of dog food. This ratio even applies to larger bags of Bil-Jac dog food, where they use 25 pounds of chicken for 30 pounds of dog food. The company uses meats and chicken organ for the same.

Of course, this even includes the moisture present in the chicken. After removing the moisture, the chicken weighs a lot less. Overall, it is a perfect starting point for any dog food. Most of the dry food recipes from this company comprise of chicken. Just like frozen foods, Bil-Jac claims that their dry food is also manufactured around two weeks before they are actually distributed to ensure freshness.

Different Range of Dry Foods

When it comes to dry foods, Bil-Jac has a lot of varieties to offer. Under this category, you have products like Sensitive Solutions, Adult Select Formula, Amino Acid System, Large Breed Adult, Small Breed Adult, Reduced Fat, Puppy Select, Immune System Health Formula, Frozen, Liver Treats, Little-Jacs, Gooberlicious, America’s VetDogs, and several others. So, you can choose one product out of so many choices available. What can be best than trying out all of these varieties one by one for a change!

What makes Bil-Jac so special?

As stated above, Bil-Jac claims that 5 pounds of chicken goes into every bag of 6-pound dog food. Now, this sounds pretty impressive. Fascinatingly, the company makes frozen fresh meat-based dog foods and popular treats, which comprise of lots of options that you can hand out just after thawing them.

The Bil-Jac company even features whitefish under their range for sensitive tummies. These kinds of dog foods help in supporting the immune system. Along with that, Vitamin C and Vitamin E save your dog or puppy from showing adverse reactions from the food.

This dog food company also offers several weight management recipes. These recipes are really good for dogs who share a few extra pounds. So, go with this food range to keep your dog at a recommended and healthy weight.

What all does Bil-Jac offer?

Bil-Jac makes special dog food and puppy food for your medium, small, and large canine companions. This makes it really easy for all to pick out what’s right for their dogs. It ensures a carefully designed size-specific formula that tends to offer nutrients required for keeping off common health issues.

Within the dog and large puppy formulas, this company features glucosamine and chondroitin to help fight the prevalent joint conditions. On the other hand, the recipes for smaller dogs and puppies comprise of smaller kibble sizes while having somewhat elevated energy content.

Bil-Jac Dog Food remains the first choice of lots of dog owners due to various reasons. Here, we are listed some of the best things about this dog food company. So, let’s get started with it!

·       Grain-free

Bil-Jac offers kibble and stew options, which are free from any kind of grain. These grain-free options help to accommodate the needs of dogs and puppies who are intolerant to gluten.

·       Main Ingredient

The company uses chicken as the main ingredient for their dog foods. They make use of large proportions of it as compared to other dog food companies out there. Thus, their main ingredient proportions make them stand out from other brands.

·       Gluten-free

Bil-Jac Dog Food makes no use of gluten meals in place of protein. The company goes with real meat sources along with carbohydrates. Hence, they do not use any replacement.

·       Great Packaging

Bil-Jac makes use of Nutri-Lock system as a beneficial approach to cooking ingredients. Due to this special proprietary system, the food feels softer on the tummies of your dogs.

So, choose this premium range of dog food for your lovely pet. Bil-Jac does not make use of cheap fillers or other by-products to manufacture dog foods. It is completely a safe option to go with when it comes to choosing the best dog food. Go for it NOW!



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