Cat Carriers in 2020 – Top Products Rated

Have there been times when you have desperately wanted to take your cat along with you on a trip or somewhere else and you could not? Carrying a cat in your arms is not exactly viable all the time. But we might have the perfect answer to your worries. With a cat carrier, you can carry your cat to wherever you please, without any hassles. Pretty cool right? Get to know more about cat carriers below.

Best Cat Carriers

#1 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

petisfam Top Load Cat Carrier for Medium Cats, Collapsible and Escape Proof

364 Reviews
  • TOP LOAD soft cat carrier measures 17"L X 11"W X 11"H, recommended max load of 16 lbs (7.3 kg)
  • ESCAPE PROOF, all zippers are anti-escape and has a leash hook inside
  • EASIER TO GET PET IN OR OUT. It's easier to load your pets into the petisfam than most other carriers because it has 1 top opening and 2 side doors
  • EASIER TO TRANSPORT, no matter by CAR or AIR. Luggage attachment and car seat belt straps included. Airline approved, fits Southwest airlines, American Airlines, Jet Blue, United Airlines, Allegiant Air, Virgin airlines, Alaska Air, Frontier Airlines
  • EASIER TO CARRY and STORAGE. Carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap; It's collapsible, just unzip it and fold it down into a flat package when not in use
#2 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

Henkelion Cat Carriers Dog Carrier Pet Carrier For Small / Medium Cats Dogs Puppies (Up To 15lbs), TSA Airline Approved Small Dog Carrier Soft Sided, Collapsible Waterproof Travel Puppy Carrier - Grey

568 Reviews
  • AIRLINE APPROVED CARRIER - With airline-approved design, you can take your pet to go to everywhere. This pet carrier provides two connecting loop handles for balanced carrying as a dual seat belt or luggage strap to secure transport
  • SAFETY DESIGN - The adjustable shoulder strap help you hands-free carrying and makes it the most safe and convenient pet carrier bag for your travel
  • WATERPROOF & DURABLE - This cat carrier is made of durable, lightweight and waterproof polyester fabric. The four-side mesh will not only give a safe and comfortable travel for your pet, but also easy for you to check on your pet
  • PORTABLE & WASHABLE - This dog carrier is easy to carry and store, which has a padded shoulder strap and handles. The cozy fleece pet bed can be completely removed and machine-washed
Sale#3 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

X-ZONE PET Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier for Dogs and Cats, Black

739 Reviews
  • Medium Carrier Measures: 17.5” L x 11” W x 11” H, Recommended max load of 16 lbs (7 kg).Please do not choose your carrier based on weight--please reference your pet's length and height in selecting a carrier size.
  • Fits for under-seat dimensions of most airlines. Every airline has a specific set of rules and regulations, please contact with airline before flying with your pet
  • Mesh windows for ventilation, top and side entry with locking zippers for safety
  • The pet carrier comes with a removable base insert, which creates a solid surface for your pet to stand on, along with a removable & hand washable cozy fleece pet bed,which offers a cozy sleeping space for your traveling pet
  • Carrying handles, adjustable shoulder strap which can also be used as seatbelt, and back strap can fasten the carrier to your luggage
#4 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

AmazonBasics Top-Load Pet Travel Kennel Carrier Crate For Cats Or Dogs - 13 x 15 x 23 Inches

2,737 Reviews
  • Two-door, top-load model allows for easy loading of your cat or dog
  • Measures 23 * 15 * 13in
  • Top door can open to the left or right for easy access and convenience
  • Included screws can be used to further secure the top and bottom of kennel for added reinforcement
  • Made of durable plastic with a steel-wire front door
#5 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel

4,219 Reviews
  • PET CRATE FOR SMALL DOGS: This small dog kennel has a top entry door so you can access your cat or dog. Suitable for small dog breeds between 10-20 lbs. Measures: 19"
  • AIR TRAVEL APPROVED: This pet carrier meets most airline cargo specifications. The air travel kennel for dogs & cats also has a durable, ergonomic comfort-grip handle & ventilated sides for comfortable transport.
  • KENNELS & HOUSES: Crate & kennel training is vital for dog safety & comfort. We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training & exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses & more
  • Petmate: For over 50 years, we at Petmate are passionate about our dogs, cats & furry friends in general. Starting with the very first dog kennel, we've produced plenty of eco-friendly products that pets will love.
  • JUST FOR PETS: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens & other small furry friends! Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, Jackson Galaxy & more!
#6 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier with A Bed - Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier

1,024 Reviews
  • Patented. Original design-wide side-opening door that opens easily and cats feel comfortable walking into
  • Includes 1 Grey with tan door carrier and 1 extra comfy pet bed
  • Easy to clean, folds down easily and compactly. Pet bed is machine washable and dryer safe
  • Carrier measures: 15. 2” L x 18. 5” W x 14. 2” H. Bed size is 18 L x 13. 75 W inch
  • Perfect for traveling in style and comfort by car, for an adventure or just a trip to the vet
  • Holds pets up to 25 lb.
#7 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier - Pet Travel Kennel with Top-Load & Foldable Feature for Cats, Small Dogs Puppies & Rabbits

  • PERFECT SIZE FOR A TRIP TO VET: A pet carrier that gives you the best features of both hard and soft carriers! 17" long by 13" high by 14" wide, it's suitable for cats, small dogs, and other pets.
  • HARD BASE & PROTECTION: A hard top and hard base give you sturdy protection for your pet, and gives your pet a firm surface to stand on.
  • EASY FOR STORAGE & COMFORTABLE INSIDE: The soft sides can be folded down so the whole carrier fits into a neat little package -- just the top and bottom zippered together. Takes up very little storage space while it's not in use. A padded mat in the floor gives your pet a comfortable place to lie down and a non-slip surface to stand on. A see-through mesh door lets him or her keep an eye on the world outside.
  • EXTRA-SAFE & BREATHABLE: The carrier is made from premium materials, YKK zippers, and panels of tough but breathable mesh.
  • TRUSTED BY 100,000+ AMAZON CUSTOMERS - More than 300+ 5 Stars reviews with 500+ of recommendation for cat & dog owners.
Sale#8 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Plum, Medium (Frustration Free Packaging)

  • Perfect for traveling in style and comfort by plane or car, for an adventure or just a trip to the vet
  • Patented spring wire frame allows the rear end of the carrier to be pushed down several inches to conform to under-seat requirements
  • Mesh windows for ventilation, top and side entry with locking zippers for safety, padded adjustable, no-slip carrying strap, seat belt/luggage strap, machine-washable faux lambskin liner
  • Rear pocket for convenient storage of treats, leash, bags, or anything else your furry friend might need on the go
  • Approved for use on most airlines and included in Sherpa’s Guaranteed on Board program.Carrier is intended for safe and comfortable travel; the pet will not have excess room to move around
  • Size medium is for pets up to 16" L x 10" H and up to 16 lbs
  • Medium carrier measures 17” L x 11” W x 10.5” H
  • Do NOT select the carrier size based on weight only. Choose the carrier size based on your pet’s measurements first, then make sure not to exceed the maximum weight limit.
Sale#9 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

Akinerri Airline Approved Pet Carriers,Soft Sided Collapsible Pet Travel Carrier for Medium Puppy and Cats (Medium, Blue)

610 Reviews
  • Dimensions: 17.5"L x 11"W x 11"H, suitable for pet up to 15 lbs.Please do not choose your carrier based on weight--please reference your pet's length and height in selecting a carrier size
  • Easy to set up and fold down flat for storage. Original metal frame when you carry it within your dog or cats
  • Two entrances, easy to access. Unzip top entrance, pet can poke their head out
  • Travel carrier for medium cats and puppy: AIRLINE APPROVED;can be secured in car seat and fastened on luggage
  • Carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap, easy for you to carry. It also comes with a cozy fleece pad and mesh windows for ventilation, your pet could breathe fresh air and enjoy the view
Sale#10 ACuteADay Rated Best in 2020

AmazonBasics Large Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Transport Carrier Bag - 20 x 10 x 11 Inches, Black

  • Before purchasing please measure your pet - LENGTH: neck to base of tail; HEIGHT: floor to top of shoulder
  • Large soft-sided carrier measures approximately 19.7x10.2x11.2 inches (LxWxH)
  • Carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Conforms to under-seat dimensions of most airlines
  • Machine washable fleece pet bed; spot-clean carrier
  • Recommended max load of 22 lbs (10 kg). Please do not choose your carrier based on weight--please reference your pet's length and height in selecting a carrier size.

Cat Carrier

What is a cat carrier?

Cat carriers are portable and made to carry a cat in the most comfortable way possible. They come in the form of cages, boxes, crates, etc. They are broadly divided into two primary types based on their opening style- one type opens from the top and the other opens at the front.

The top openers are mostly in the form of cages which has hinges on the roof. While the front openers are made of plastic in most cases with a door that is made of metal. There is a handle on top of most cat carriers, although it is easier to carry some of them in your arms.


Selecting the best cat carrier

Here are a few factors that you need to consider while buying a cat carrier:


The size

Size is of the utmost importance when you choose a cat carrier. A basic rule that most cat owners follow is to always go for a cat carrier that is 1.5 times larger than the size of the concerned cat. If however, the carrier is too huge, it will be an extremely uncomfortable journey for your cat. It will keep tumbling from this end to that inside the carrier. While, a really small carrier will add to the caged up feeling of your cat.

See if the carrier has the right balance because your cat will be inside. Make sure that your cat can stretch, lie down, and sit comfortably inside the carrier. Also, other important things like the water and the food bowl of the cat should be able to fit inside if you are planning to travel for long distances. Going for a bigger sized carrier is also better because your kitten will grow and then you can fit the bigger cat into the same carrier without spending any more money.


The material

The next important factor is the material with which the cat carrier is made. The behavior of the cat should be noted while buying the cat carrier because you can go for a carrier with soft material if the cat is peaceful while traveling.

A quick trick while buying is to place some heavy object inside the carrier, like a heavy bag or something to make sure that the bottom doesn’t give away. A carrier with zips on the side and the top is better for you because making your cat enter the carrier then becomes a lot easier.

However, if your cat is jumpy when it travels, then a carrier that is tough like a hard plastic or a metal one has to be bought. More often than not, your cat will put up quite a fight while going into the carrier. In that case, carriers with the top open are always a better choice than the front open ones.


The ventilation

Remember that the ventilation is very important as your cat will be inside that carrier for some time. Go for a carrier that has two-sided windows at least. Cats tend to feel suffocated inside small spaces. These windows will prevent that from happening.


The fastening

Since the balance of a carrier is very precarious, you have to choose one that does not make your cat constantly topple over. This is why we often suggest people to go for carriers with belts that work like seatbelts. They will allow the carrier to be seated firmly onto the seats of your car so that the safety of your cat is guaranteed.


The opening

Cats are mostly wary of closed up spaces and there is a high chance that your cat will not agree to go into that carrier. You should buy a cat carrier that opens from the top which makes the whole process faster and more convenient for you. Your cat can quickly be placed inside the carrier and it cannot come out immediately.

Plus, if you are taking your cat to a vet, then your cat can be examined from the top while it can sit comfortably as well. This helps cats that are fearful of unknown surroundings. So, you kill two birds with one stone!


Tips for using a cat carrier

The first thing you need to do is to make the cat carrier seem homely for your cat. Familiarize your cat to the carrier by using it at random times. For instance, just let the door open if the carrier is a front opened one. Put some cat treats inside so that your cat enters it to have them. Let your cat relax inside. Place a blanket or a rug that your cat loves, inside the carrier.

You could also use some cat toys to make the cat carrier more fun.Initially, when your cat enters the carriers on its own, lock the door only for a few seconds to show your cat how it works. This will take long but your cat will gradually learn to get used to the process.

You can also take the carrier outside once in a while and leave it there with your cat inside. This will let your cat feel safe and it will recognize the carrier and the surroundings as a part of its territory. Placing the carrier in a room or a place in the house where your cat usually hangs out is a good idea to make your cat feel comfortable with it. Using the carrier only when you go out or while traveling is one of the worst mistakes you can make. So, use it as frequently as you can.


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