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Cat toys are all very fun but we can never really get enough of the original cat dancer toy. If you have never made your cat play with a cat dancer, then that kitty has a lot of catching up to do. Want to find out more about cat dancer? This article will reveal all the secrets for you.


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Cat Dancer

What is a cat dancer?

Originally invented as interactive toys for cats, the cat dancer toys made quite a rage in the market. A spring steel wire is involved which has twisted cardboard pieces on each end. The toy is supposed to be waved at the cat which then pounces on it or tried to grab it.

Cats have shown an intense liking to cat dancers because of how they work. Shopkeepers who keep cat dancers in their pet store have reported that they sell like hotcakes. And cat owners claim that their cats have almost gone to the point of obsession with cat dancers. So, you can only imagine how great this toy must be.


Why do cats love cat dancers?

It has been said that cats love cat dancers firstly because the mechanism of the toy appeals to the hunting instincts of cats. The toy is small and it oscillates from anywhere to anywhere. This is what makes it different than most other cat toys.

Cats cannot easily predict the movement of the toy because of the spring. This posits a challenge to cats who love to hunt the toy down. So, the toy mimics a small animal that a cat would enjoy hunting down. This makes the whole playing session seem like a realistic hunting session. The steel wire might not be easily discernible to all cats and this might trick them into believing that the cardboard pieces are moving on their own. The whole thing then becomes quite a game for cats.

Another reason for the love of this toy among cats is the motion. The toy moves continually and keeps the cat busy for a long time. The cardboard bits have a certain smell which also entices some cats and they love scratching the cardboard pieces. Too many reasons to love the toy, isn’t it?


Why buy cat dancers?

Apart from being an absolute delight to cats, the cat dancer toy has other attractions as well. The original cat dancer toys have been tested on millions of cats who have proven to love these toys. So, you can be assured that there is almost a 100% chance that this toy will be your cat’s next obsession.

When you move the toy as a wand, you feel like the real owner of the cat and you can engage with your pet too. Is your cat shy? Well, all that shyness is soon going to go away because we bring you the cat dancer.  This toy works like magic with cats that are not so interactive with both humans and with other cats. Your cat becomes more confident too because it can hone its hunting skills. Once your cat comes to terms with its strengths, the shy factor will fly out through the window.

There is the safety factor too which ensures that there is some distance between the cat and you when you play. This is important because often, while playing with cats, we might get some scratches or cuts on our skin, from the claws of our cat. If you play with your cat, with the help of a cat dancer, then the long pole keeps some distance between you both.

If you are quite busy in life and do not get much time to spend with your cute kitty, then cat dancers give you the chance to do so. It will make sure that you bond well with your cat, and in a meaningful way. A lot of people do not have time to take their cat out for walks. For them, these toys can be really helpful because they do not need to go out to have fun with their cat. A few minutes spent with your cat and a cat dancer, and your cat will have a happy day!


Things to keep in mind

It is important that you keep a few things in mind if you have a cat dancer at home. Always put the toy away in a safe place, once the playtime with your cat is done for the day. Make sure that your cat has access to the toy only under your supervision, which is when you both are playing with the toy. This will guarantee two things- first, that the toy isn’t ruined or torn by your cat; second, that any bits or pieces from the toy are not swallowed by your kitty.

Keep a track of the condition of the toy. Although good quality cat dancers are quite durable, you need to make sure that it is not broken. If you see that bits of the toy are falling apart, then cast it aside and buy a new one. You do not want your cat to end up sick after swallowing some feather or cardboard piece from the toy.

And finally, the more you keep the toy out of reach, the more exciting it will seem for your cat. Too much availability will take away the thrill factor and soon your cat will be bored with the toy. So, after every play session, keep the toy somewhere safe and you will notice how excited your kitty gets when you bring it out during the next play session.

These days you will find a lot of varieties in cat dancers. For instance, you will see different colors, different objects hung at the ends, etc. You can then have multiple cat dancers of different types at home. Use them for different play sessions. The good thing is that cats of all life stages seem to love this toy. So go ahead and grab one for your kitty right away!


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