Cat Flea Treatment

Does your cat keep scratching itself most of the time? Have you seen it mostly restless around you? This might mean that your cat is being troubled by those pesky fleas. Imagine your body itching all day. Doesn’t feel impressive right? That is how your kitty must be feeling. So, the sooner you solve the flea problem, the better. This article will brief you with information about a cat flea treatment.

Top Cat Flea Treatments

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KEXMY Cat Tick and Flea Collar - Cat Flea Treatment
  • CAPABLE FLEA KILLER: It is important that the flea collar that you are looking to buy for your cat must be effective firstly in getting rid of all the existing fleas problem. With the help of KEXMY flea collar, you can do away with all the persisting flea issues around your home within a few hours of having your cat wear it.
  • LONG - TIME PROTECTION: With the help of KEXMY cat flea collar, you can fight off fleas, ticks effectively and defend your pet from the development of fleas and ticks for a very long period of time. This can mean months without having to even contact the cat's collar for any reason. As your feline wears the flea collar throughout the day, the protection provided against the fleas is long lasting and immediate.
  • SAFE BREAKAWAY FEATURE: This advanced tech help to avoid any potential strangulation concerns while wearing the collar. KEXMY flea tick treatment allows the kitty to escape sticky situations where it can get stuck on a pole, branch, or any pointed object while playing outdoors and thus will minimize choking risks.
  • NO MALICIOUS SMELL: This is a must-have requirement from our flea collar to have natural active ingredients that give your cat an eight-month guarantee against any sort of pest infiltration with being odor-free, chemical free and a long-time security.
  • RISK FREE: With a mission to give you and your cat more time together, KEXMY provides only natural ingredient-based products that developed based on scientific evidence. And we are giving you 100% money back guarantee if there is anything that makes you not comfortable of using the flea collar.

Cat flea treatment

Fleas that mostly affect cats are Ctenocephalides felis but hedgehog fleas and rabbit fleas are also pretty common invaders. If not treated at an early stage, they could create a ground for further infestation by tapeworms. And fleas can lead to anemia if your kitty is still at an early life stage. As we mostly say to cat owners, you cannot prevent a flea problem. You could only try and make sure your cat is safe from all sides. You do not need to worry because we will brief you with all possible treatments and their effects.


How to find out if your cat is infested with fleas?

We suggest that you run a check in and around the house and on your cat before you invest in any flea treatment for your cat. Firstly, look closely and inspect the skin of your feline. If you see the tiniest of movement on the fur then check for fleas inside. You could also use a comb with fine teeth and comb the body of your cat. This will hopefully bring out some fleas and let you know that it is time to fight them.


Types of cat flea treatments

Several types of cat flea treatments can work for your cat. If you have not figured the one that is the best for your cat, then you should try experimenting and see which one fits the best. Here are the options that you have:


Cat Flea Collars

Cat flea collars are good for the region around the face, head, and the neck since the medicines are discharged mostly around that region. However, the best quality cat flea collars will infuse the medicines in the skin on your cat which will spread across the body through natural oils. These need to be changed from time to time.


Many cat owners choose this treatment because spot-ons are pretty convenient to use. And they are effective as well. They come in liquid form which needs to be applied in very small amounts on the back of your cat. This kills fleas and any eggs that might have been laid.

Sprays, Dips, and Shampoos

You will find a lot of variety when you go looking for shampoos, sprays, and dips to treat the flea problem. The issue with these products is that they will solve the issue temporarily and the fleas that come flying after a bath will stay on the body again. So, you need to keep reusing the products.

Oral medicines

Oral medicines receive a lot of recommendation because they do not have chemical effects on the skin. Plus, when you talk about effectiveness, oral meds are the best because they have a uniform effect on the body of your cat.

Injectable Flea Control

If you want to be done with the flea problem once and for all, then injections are not the best solution. However, if your cat has developed a nasty infection because of the scratching and the flea laying eggs and larvae, injections can help a lot. They will be injected at an interval of 6 months and have been known to cure infections.


Additional Flea Treatments for Cats

Other than treating the fleas on the body of your feline, there are other ways too. These are mostly preventive in nature. For example, maintaining absolute hygiene in your home and the surroundings can go a long way in doing away with fleas.

Start off with cleaning everything in your house with a vacuum cleaner so that there is no remaining eggs, pupae, or larvae. Most of the fleas develop on the body of cats or any other animals. So, if you eliminate them before that, the fleas can be got rid of totally. All the linen and bedding should be washed in hot water. You can ask help from a professional exterminator to treat your house too.


How do I know which cat flea treatment is the best?

Every flea treatment will work the best if it fits the lifestyle of your cat. No one treatment can be said to be the best since it is subjective. The best thing to do is to ask your veterinarian to suggest the perfect cat flea treatment for your feline.


Things to remember

While you are on this mission of cleaning your cat’s body of all the fleas, remember that these products use chemicals. So, you need to check your feline’s body to see if it is reacting to the medicines and treatments. If you see no harmful changes, then you can continue with the treatment. A lot of people think that a flea treatment for dogs can be used on cats as well since they are pets. This is a huge mistake and can prove to be dangerous for your cat.

If you see that your cat is reacting badly to any cat flea treatment then consult a veterinarian immediately. Conversely, you should first ask the veterinarian before you use any treatment on your cat. And just treating your cat won’t help, you will need to treat your home as well to avoid a recurrence of this problem.

There should be no delay in treating a flea problem so get the best cat flea treatment for your cute kitty today itself and be done with those pesky brats. You do not want your soft ball of fur to suffer from all the nasty bites and the itching. So choose the best treatment today and place an order online right away. You could also walk down to the local pet store and get a flea treatment of your liking for your cat.

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