Cat Muzzles

Most of the domestic cats are peaceful and friendly animals who like their human family a lot. But, there are certain situations even make the most peaceful cats quite aggressive. Obviously, nobody likes to get scratched or bitten from cats, but this happens when you come across an aggressive and scared cat. That’s why you need a cat muzzle in your home.

Cat muzzles act as a first aid kit for injured cats. They even come handy when your cat starts to act aggressively towards everything and everyone around them. These cat muzzles help to calm down cats while keeping everyone safe and sound.

Top Cat Muzzles

Bestseller No. 1
Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle, Standard
  • These instruments are useful for a variety of clinical uses
  • These instruments will come in handy
  • Clinical uses at a very affordable price
Bestseller No. 2
Cat Muzzles - Breathable Mesh Muzzles Prevent Cats from Biting and Chewing - Anti Bite Anti Meow (PINK-L)
  • An absolute must-have for groomers and pet owners alike
  • Made of strong nylon mesh fabric .
  • Pet care professionals choose Nylon Mesh Cat Muzzles to help stop biting and chewing by difficult cats.
  • Sizes: S fits cats 0 - 6 lbs. L fits 6 - 13 lbs.
  • IMPORTANT: Use only with direct supervision. Do not leave cat muzzled for long periods of time.
Bestseller No. 3
Beikal Muzzle for Cat Grooming, Nylon Cat Muzzles Face Mask, Pet Groomer Helpers Tools, Preventing Scratches and Anti-Biting (M)
  • A great cat muzzle for helping you calm your cats down when clipping cat nails, give them a shower or a hair cut. Keep you safe and prevent cat biting.
  • Made of high nylon material, durable and easy to put on and off.
  • A Hole on the mask which can keep your kitten comfortable enough to breath.
  • Size M: Neck circumference 11-14inch, Cat weight:5.5- 11lbs. Size L: Neck circumference 11-15inch, Cat weight:Over 11lbs.
  • Note: Please measure your cat size before ordering.
Bestseller No. 4
NACOCO Cat Muzzle Breathable Mesh Pet Muzzle Grooming Prevent Kitty Mask Anti Biting and Chewing Anti-Meow (S, Blue)
  • Made of mesh and polyester material. It is very durable and confortable. After you wash it, it will quickly dry.
  • Pink and blue color. Made your beloved cat so cute and clearness.
  • Multifunction muzzle. When your cute cat ware it that can unting-meow, anti-chewing, grooming.
  • Size S: neck circumference:6.3"-9.1", head circumference: 7.1"-9.1", weight: 24g, Size L: neck circumference:7.1"-10.2",head circumference: 8.66"-9.8", weight:27g
  • Important: Use only with direct supervision. Do not leave cat muzzled for long periods of time.
Bestseller No. 5
BBEART Cat Muzzles,Breathable Mesh Muzzles Adjustable Cat Mask Mouth Cover Anti Biting and Chewing - Anti Bite Anti Meow (S, Bule)
  • √ Size: (S): fits a head circumference of 18-23cm/7-9 inches, Neck--16-23cm/6.2-9 inches, fits cats 0-3kg.
  • √ Considerate Design- Offers great protection, effectively prevents dog bites, disorderly barking and eating indiscriminately or other problems.
  • √ Material: Made from strong Polyester mesh fabric, safe, comfortable breathable, durable, soft mesh cloth will never to hurt dog's mouth and leave room for the dog breath.
  • √ Adjustable, makes your cat enjoy the most comfortable status.
  • √ Note: Use only with direct supervision. Do not leave cat muzzled for long periods of time.
Bestseller No. 6
Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle, Large
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Jorvet Premium Cat Muzzle, Large
  • These instruments are useful for a variety of clinical uses
  • These instruments will come in handy
  • Clinical uses at a very affordable price
Bestseller No. 7
Nylon Cat Muzzles,Cat Face Mask ,Groomer helpers,Cat Grooming tools,Preventing scratches and Anti-biting,Black (L)
  • Keep your safe and prevent cat biting ,when you are clipping cat nails , washing cat etc. Everyone who grooms a cat needs one!
  • Size S:Neck circumference 10-13.5inch, Cat weight:0-5.5lbs.Size M:Neck circumference 11-14inch, Cat weight:5.5- 11lbs.Size L:Neck circumference 11-15inch, Cat weight:Over 11lbs.
  • High nylon material makes it easily to take along.Quit fit and durable.
  • There is a Hole on the mask which can keep your kitten comfortable enough to breath.
  • Note: 3 size included, Pls measure your cat size before ordering .
SaleBestseller No. 8
Cat Muzzle - MEDIUM fits cats 6 - 12 lbs - BLACK, by Downtown Downtown Pet Supply
  • Medium muzzle fits cats 6-12 lbs.
  • Cat muzzles to help stop biting and chewing by difficult cats
  • Made from strong nylon fabric
  • Fully adjustable Velcro strap for an easy fit
  • Professionally packaged with the downtown pet supply logo
Bestseller No. 9
Alfie Pet - Spike Adjustable Quick Fit Nylon Muzzle for Cat - Color: Black, Size: Small
  • Best fits neck girth 8" - 9"
  • Measure the circumference midway between the tip of the nose and eyes, under the chin and over the top of your pet's muzzle.
  • Prevents your pet from biting, barking and chewing things, great to prevent your pampered ones from chewing furnitures.
  • If your pets snout is the exact same size as the pet muzzle, your pet will not be able to open his mouth to pant, please order the next size up.
  • Made of nylon with velcro tape closure for easy adjustment.
Bestseller No. 10
Proguard Pets Softie Cat Muzzle (3 Pack)
  • Excellent Construction difficult for pets to pull off
  • Professional Grade
  • Allows your pet to breath
  • Comfortable for your pet

Cat Muzzles


What is a cat muzzle?

A cat muzzle is a kind of simple device that pet owners put around a cat’s face. It is basically used to stop them from biting. The main use of a cat muzzle is in veterinary hospitals, where it is put over the cat’s mouth to prevent them from biting when they are in excessive pain or act aggressively.

A cat muzzle is even used by cat owners to prevent excessive meowing and chewing on things. This mask goes over the cat’s face and often covers the eyes too. It is known to bring a calming effect in cats. Once your cat calms down, you are free to take off this muzzle.


How to use a cat muzzle?

Cats do not like things that go on their face. It is quite difficult to put a cat muzzle on a cat. In fact, they try to paw the muzzle off as soon as you put it on. The best kind of muzzle is the one that covers both the mouth and eyes. This is so because cats calm down when they cannot see.

Cat muzzles are for temporary use and pet owners should watch their cats closely. If your cat begins to vomit or finds difficulty in breathing, remove the cat muzzle immediately. So, let’s know how to use a cat muzzle so that your cat feels comfortable and safe even after putting it on.


Introduce the cat muzzle

At first, cats become scared and suspicious after seeing a new device. The same goes for a cat muzzle. It is a great idea to introduce a cat muzzle. In the beginning, use a cat muzzle for just 5 minutes. After every session, reward your cat with some treats. Once your cat gets accustomed to it, you can increase the muzzle time.


 Choose the correct size

It is really important to select the correct size of a cat muzzle for your cat. If the mask is too large for your cat’s face, they can paw it very easily. If that muzzle is too small, they will be uncomfortable and will dread to wear it again in the future.


Use it for short periods

You should use a cat muzzle for just shorter periods no matter how good it is. Anything that goes over your cat’s face and stops them from meowing for quite some time cannot be comfortable. Thus, it is recommended to use a muzzle for short periods. After your cat calms down, remove the muzzle immediately. Do not leave off the mask for over 20 minutes as it can have an effect on breathing in cats.


Advantages of buying a cat muzzle

Cat muzzles are things that help you in calming down pets and controlling inappropriate behavior. If you have no idea what a cat muzzle is capable of, keep on reading to know some of the most important advantages of using a cat muzzle.


No biting

While some cats do not like getting their nails clipped, some do not like to visit their vet. In any case, biting is quite unacceptable. It is difficult to handle a wild cat unless you own a cat muzzle. This muzzle prevents your cat from chewing or biting on things. However, it is a must for aggressive cats that one cannot calm down.


No more meowing

There are some cats that become restless without any reason. This leads to non-stop meowing. It becomes difficult to handle when you have a small apartment. If nothing works after trying out everything, it is best to get a cat muzzle. However, do not use it for a longer period of time. Once your cat calms down, remove it.


Weight Management

Cat muzzles are great for overweight cats or for those who have digestive issues because of fast eating. They slow down the eating process effectively. These muzzles even help to prevent digestive issues by putting off gulping. They even offer stimulation that helps indoor cats to become more energetic and playful.


Things to Consider While Buying a Cat Muzzle

If you are looking for a durable, comfortable, and reliable cat muzzle, pay attention to the details. There are certain things that you need to consider while purchasing a cat muzzle, which include:


Muzzle Type

It is vital to get a muzzle that fits the needs of your feline friend. Muzzles come in several varieties, where a grooming muzzle will be different from the eating one. So, choose the muzzle type before you select a muzzle.


Muzzle Size

Another thing that is very important is the muzzle size. Mostly, small-sized muzzles fit all cats. There are also large and medium masks available out there. So, you should buy the correct size depending on your cat’s weight, head size, and breed. It is best to go with adjustable muzzles that come with belts or Velcro straps.



Generally, cat muzzles are made up of nylon that is comfortable for cats. These muzzles are easier to wash that can even be washed in washing machines. In the market, there are also available rubber muzzles and muzzles with breathable meshes.



The best thing about cat muzzles is that they are quite affordable. However, expensive varietals are also there. Select a cat muzzle that fits your cat’s and your preferences and needs.


So, choose a cat muzzle after considering all of these points. It is not a tedious task to buy a muzzle but it is better to consider all your options. In the end, your cat should feel comfortable after putting on a cat muzzle.

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