Cat Probiotics

Are you sure that your cat is getting the support of nutrition that is necessary? If your cat has been having digestive problems, then there are cat probiotics and supplements that will greatly help to alleviate this problem. With just this simple step of including probiotics in your feline’s routine, you can keep it happy and healthy for the long term. Explore the world of cat probiotics in this post.

Best Cat Probiotics

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  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE. Premo Probiotic for Cats is made at a USA Certified Natural Products Association (NPA) and an Approved Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility. All our products are third party tested to ensure safety and effectiveness. Our probiotic comes in an easy to use powder that can be added either to water or food, eliminating pills and choking.
  • HEALTHY NATURAL CHOICE FOR YOUR CAT. Our probiotics contains one billion CFU’s per serving. None GMO, tasteless with no artificial flavors, wheat and dairy free, and no cheap fillers. Only pure probiotic and prebiotic inulin which insures maximum effectiveness.
  • FORMULATED SPECIFICALLY FOR CATS. Don’t be fooled by other brands that are broadly produced just for pets in general or even use “human strain” probiotics. Premo Probiotics is a concentrated probiotic powder formulated specifically for cats. We have selected six thoroughly researched species of beneficial bacteria which will sustain a healthy balance of flora in your cat.
  • VETERINARY RECOMMENDED. You are receiving a premium quality probiotic with our proven proprietary blend based on the latest science. Our development dollars are spent in providing the most effective probiotic on the market today. If your cat is suffering from DIARRHEA, VOMITING, EXCESSIVE SCRATCHING & SHEDDING, YEAST INFECTION, HOT SPOTS, IBS, and more, Premo Probiotics will help. It will even cut LITTERBOX SMELL!
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS. Treat digestive upsets and maintain healthy balanced levels of digestive bacteria. Improve immune system and performance. To ensure the highest quality, our probiotic is only produced in small batches. If within 60 days you do not see an improvement in overall health, simple ask for a full refund, no question asked. CLICK THE ORANGE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON TO BUY NOW. Smart customers order 2 or more and SAVE, use the discount COUPON CODES.
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VETFLIX Probiotics for Dogs & Cats - Digestive Pet Enzymes - Made in USA - L.Rhamnosus & B.Lactis - Relieves Dog Diarrhea & Vomiting - Optimizes Pet Immune System - Enhances Overall Health

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Cat Probiotics

What are cat probiotics?

Just like there are probiotics for humans, you can get probiotics for cats too. They are a type of microorganisms which is commonly known as friendly bacteria too. The job of probiotics is to keep a healthy bacterial balance in the gut. Probiotics work in the same way for cats as they do for us. They promote the growth of bacteria that is healthy and maximizes digestion.

Probiotics can decrease the chances of the occurrence of a few diseases in your cat’s body. Some of these diseases are diabetes, diarrhea, yeast infections, skin allergies, flatulence, weight gain/loss, leaky gut, constipation, yeast overgrowth, constant indigestion, and metabolic syndrome. A common mistake that we often tend to do is feed the probiotics for humans to cats. This might not be safe for your kitty. 

If you want to make your cat have probiotics, then go for healthy cat probiotics that are easily available in the market today. These are specifically designed for the consumption of cats.


What are the advantages of cat probiotics?

The fact that probiotics for cats promote good digestion is quite well-known. But, there are various other reasons for which you should buy cat probiotics. Here are some of them:


  1. Since most probiotics for cats come in a powdered form, you will have no problem feeding it to your cat. It can be mixed with the daily diet of your cat.
  2. If your cat has an inflammatory bowels disease, then probiotics will help to control that.
  3. Cats with a weaker immunity system than required can benefit greatly by the consumption of probiotics.
  4. Cats often suffer from chronic diseases which too can be prevented with the intake of probiotics.
  5. Felines that often suffer from stomach problems like vomiting, strengthening their system is easy with probiotics.
  6. The natural balance of bacteria in your cat’s gut can be restored with probiotics.

Why buy cat probiotics?

Since the time probiotics have been administered to cats, there have been signs of good health in cats. The wholesome development of cats’ health gets a boost with probiotics. Although every single health issue cannot be cured with probiotics, they have been known to assist in critical health-related situations. Often veterinarians use probiotics and antibiotics together to help refurbish the GIT bacteria.

Some issues might crop up in your cat’s life which can get resolved only with the assistance of probiotics. Using antibiotics regularly is also not a great thing. However, probiotics can help reduce the intake of antibiotics by your cat. Also, sometimes antibiotics refuse to have any effect on your cat’s health. This means that your feline’s body has developed bacteria that resist those antibiotics. Regular intake of probiotics can help prevent this by stopping the growth of bacteria that resists antibiotics. 


Feeding cat probiotics to your kitty

Cat owners often face problems while feeding probiotics to their cats because they create a fuss. What most people do is hide the probiotics somehow in the food of the cat and then try to coax it into having the food. The best way is to buy some delicious cat treats that felines love and then hide the probiotics in them. Cats are highly likely to have probiotics this way.

If your cat is a bit disciplined and does not get violent if you try to restrain it, then you can try to feed it probiotics too. You have to hold the mouth of your cat, part the teeth and pop the probiotics inside. Make sure that your cat does not spit the probiotics out. If your cat likes to eat wet food, then it is easier for you to mix the probiotics in the food. If all these techniques fail, then you have to take your cat to a vet and get it injected with a probiotics injection by the veterinarian.


Selecting the best cat probiotics

Although probiotics are healthy, all the companies that make it are not of the same quality. Only a handful of products that are available will have live bacteria. You should look for probiotics that have no supplements and are pure. The probiotics that have digestive enzymes in them are better. So, read the labels carefully before you buy probiotics for your cat from any company. If you are unsure about the quality, then consulting your vet is a good idea before you buy probiotics.

There are various forms of probiotics, starting from chews, to powders and capsules. You should look for factors like the number of bacteria in the product, if it has any quality checks, how many live organisms are present in each dose, if it is easy to be consumed by your cat, and such other factors.


Do cat probiotics have side effects?

There are no side effects as such, of cat probiotics. Mostly, the side effects can be a relapse of gastrointestinal issues once the probiotics are not taken by your cat. However, the chances of this are pretty low. What you should be careful of is choosing cat probiotics from trusted brands or get it verified by your vet to eliminate all chances of any mishaps. Many probiotics these days contain fillers and additives which might have a negative impact on the health of your cat’s health.

Now you have sufficient knowledge about cat probiotics so you are good to go. You can purchase cat probiotics online where a host of companies sell them. Or you can also go to your vet who might suggest what probiotics to buy. There are chances that you might find them at a pet store that caters to the needs of cats.



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