Cat Treats

Who does not like to say Hello Kitty! to their cute cat? But this can be better with a treat because cats love treats and will be ever eager to have one. There has been an upsurge of the customers who want to buy cat treats for their cats. This clearly shows that cats love being tossed with a treat once in a while. And they are healthy too. Find out many such interesting facts about cat treats in this article.

Top Cat Treats

Cat Treats

Types of cat treats

Cat treat producing companies know that cats are in love with treats. So, they try to bring some variation in the taste of these cat treats. Let us see what options we have got in treats for cats:


Soft chewing treats

These treats, as the name suggests, are very soft to chew and are good for senior cats that do not have strong teeth. These treats are good if you want to increase interaction with your cat.



If your cat loves treats that are almost like having real meat in pieces, then freeze-dried ones are the best for them. They also do not have a lot of carbs and will be perfect for your cat that loves having meat.


Healthy treats

You can get both the benefits of treat and health in healthy treats. These have benefits on the health of your cat. For instance, there are treats which solve problems regarding skin, bones, urinary tract, digestion, weight, stool odor, and a lot more.


Dental Chews

These treats are good for cats that have issues with their teeth. They help you offer great oral health to your cat. These are mostly crunchy in nature so that your cat can have some teeth exercise while chewing on them.


Crunchy treats

Crunchy treats are full of crunch but will the choicest of ingredients. These treats have been found to be great for training cats.


Choosing the best cat treats

When you look for cat treats in the market, there will be no end to them. We understand that buying one can be really irksome. This is why you can go with a few thumb rules while choosing cat treats. 10% of the total intake of calories in your cat’s diet can be covered by treats but it is better to keep it limited to 5%. A lot of times, cat treats do not have a nutritional balance like cat food has. So you need to make sure that you are going for on which does not too many calories or other harmful substances.

Also, a lot of times the protein content in cat treats can be far more than what is necessary. Therefore, what you can do is keep the number of treats that you give to your kitty, to a bare minimum. Many cat treats may come with labels that say ‘low calories’. This hardly makes a difference in the calories so you might as well pay less for regular cat treats.

Go for treats that have the perfect amount of sodium in them. Often cats urinate in the house or constantly want water. This happens because they are eating treats that have too much sodium which makes them feel parched. When you give new treats to your cat, keep a check on the urination of your cat.


Benefits of cat treats

Treats are even better if they have added benefits of health, isn’t it? If you buy the right kind of treats then you can hit the two birds with one stone. Here are how treats can help your cat:


Look better

The appearance of our cats matters a lot to us. After all, we often feel like squishing our cat or cuddling with it because of how fluffy and cute it looks. Whatever your cat consumes will have direct effects on the appearance of your cat. So, treats that are healthy will make your cat’s skin and coat very glossy and the nails will be healthy too. Other skin problems like rashes will also go away with treats.


Live long

The right kind of treats will have a good nutritional value and will add to the life of your cat. Yes, you head it right. As much as difficult you might find it to believe, it is true.


Decrease the hairballs

If you keep your cat spic and span then hairballs are bound to happen. During the grooming process, your cat might often swallow a lot of hairballs. Good treats will lead to fewer hairballs and therefore reduce the chances of your cat swallowing a lot of them.


Weight control

We often struggle to keep the weight of our kitty in control but nothing seems to work right? Feeding the treats with healthy nutrients will add goodness to the diet of your kitten. This will also not lead to an increase in weight because they will have lesser carbs. You should pay more attention to this if your cat is already suffering from issues of weight and is obese.


Things to keep in mind

If you are planning to give cat treats to your kitty everyday then you should know when to stop. When your dear cat looks at you with those imploring eyes, we know that it is difficult not to give in. But too many treats will only make your cat sick in the long term and add diseases like obesity. Giving treats responsible is therefore, very important as any kind of pet catches a fascination to treats in a jiffy.

What you can do is use treats to train your cat. There is a misconception that cats cannot be trained but this is untrue. Especially with delicious treats, your cat will be trained in the blink of an eye. Make sure you do not get your cat addicted to cat treats. If this happens, then the cat will not feel like eating anything else, which includes proper full-time meals. This will make your cat grow fat without adding any nutrition.


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