Cat Water Fountain

Water fountains are one of the most indispensable accessories for pets that will be able to meet the requirements of domesticated kitties. They have been designed especially to provide a non-stop flow of clean and fresh drinking water for your feline’s peak health conditions. This is a very important aspect of cat care since they are not exactly known for their drive to acknowledge their thirst.

A cat fountain makes the water movement much more enticing and successfully arouses the curiosity of cats. But choosing the right water fountain can be a tough job.

Top Cat Water Fountains

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BOBEastal Cat Water Fountain,1.6L Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain Healthy Hygienic Fresh Water Ultra Quiet Cat Water Dispenser for Cats,Birds,Small Dogs and Animals
  • 😺【BPA Free Food Grade Material】- Made of food grade PP resin material,which is BPA free,non-toxic and odorless,to ensure your pets drinking safety.This pet water dispenser attracts your pets drink more,suitable for cats,small dogs,birds and bunnies etc.
  • 🐶【Ultra Quiet&Low Consumption】- The cat water fountain has a super silent pump(below 35dB sound),hardly to hear any noises just the water flow sound,which allows you and your pets sleep well without disturb.With 1W low power consumption,only consuming 1.5 kWh for a month.
  • 😺【Circulation Filtration System】- The cat fountain has circulation filtration system,which can increase the contact area of water and air,and provide more oxygen to keep the water fresh and clean,prevent your pets from getting sick because of drinking dirty water.Super easy to set up and disassemble,easy to clean and simple to operate.
  • 😺【Ergonomic Design Water Fountain】- With 3 different water flow settings for picky cat drinkers: Flower waterfall, flower bubbling and gentle fountain.If your pets don't drink water under the flower waterfall mode,please attempt to change another mode or wait several days for them get used to the fresh drinking bowl.With a silicone mat,avoiding splash water all over the floor by naughty cats and dogs.
  • 🐶【Customer Service&Warranty】- We provide one-year warranty service and we can offer replacement service of lifetime for the water pump.And we have a 24-hour customer service team,if you meet any problems about the pet fountain,please contact us at the first time directly,we'll give you the best solutions!
Bestseller No. 5
Comsmart Cat Water Fountain, 81oz/2.4L LED Pet Fountain Stainless Steel Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser for Cats, Dogs, Other Pets
  • 【Water Level Window with Blue Light】: Our upgrade cat fountain with LED light can clearly monitor water level at a glance. When it's time to refill water, makes it easy for pets to drink water in the dark. And blue led light adds a lovely glow in your home.
  • 【The Upgraded Pump】: This latest generation pump is designed with unique motor technology, Ultra Quiet ( below 40dB ), 1.5 W low power consumption, normally lasting between 2.5 - 4 years, which is much more stress-free and durable than others.
  • 【Food-grade Material & Triple Filtration System】: The pet fountain is made of food-grade material, BPA free PP resin, 304 stainless steel modern tray is safer than plastic cat fountain,and easier to clean. Equipped with 3 extra replacement filters to keep the water fresh , meets human health standards.
  • 【3 Different Flow Designs】 : You can turn the flower cover or petals to achieve 3 different flow modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. The free-falling stream than still water in regular water bowl is more attractive to your pets. There are always water flow options designed especially for your pets.
  • 【Capacity & Warranty 】: 2.4 L large capacity but compact fountain body, which means our it takes up less space but can holds more water. We' re very confident about our pet water fountain,we provide 2-year warranty and 45 days money back guarantee!
SaleBestseller No. 8
Cat Water Fountain with Filter 2L Intelligent Power Off Removable Washable Pump, Pet Water Dispenser Automatic Drinking Fountains for Cats Dogs Small Animals (Grey)
  • Upgraded Pump with 1 Year Guarantee: This pump features intelligent power-off protection, quite, removable and washable.(Quick-release components for convenient dis-assembly and cleaning.) There is probe protection device on the pump for water shortage and power failure. It means it will power-off automatic for protecting the pump when the water level is below the probe. So when the water level is higher than the probe, the pump will work again.
  • Safe & Non-toxic: ENJOY PET automatic drinking fountain with filter is strictly made by food-grade thick plastics conform to environmental protection standards, drinking more at ease and security. It's no harm to your cat, dog, bird or other small animals. (Please replace the filter every 2 to 4 weeks)
  • Amazingly Quiet & Long Life: There's almost no sound when running, it is a great water dispenser for animals and definitely won't disturb you and your pet. Ultra low power consumption(1.5W) and the pump's service life can up to 20,000hrs (2 year) as well it is USB connector, which is easier to find replacement than other AC pump.
  • 2L(70oz)Large Capacity Water Bowl: That is enough for your cats, dogs, birds and other small animal to drink for several days. You don't have to replenish water constantly, at ease to go to work or even go on holiday.
  • 4 Different Water Flow: There are flower waterfall, flower bubble, bubble fountain and gentle fountain can be changed to appeal to picky drinkers.
Bestseller No. 10
BAYKA Cat Water Fountain, 2.8L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters 1 Silicone Mat for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs
  • 【2.8L Large Capacity】 2.8L meets the drinking water demand of small/medium sized pets for 15 days. The large capacity fountain is difficult to knock over and provides ample water throughout the day so that you'll spend less time replacing your pet's water supply or cleaning the bowl.
  • 【FDA Certified】 Made of BPA free and high-quality materials, easy to install and clean, with a silicone pad provided to protect your floor. In addition to the benefit of encouraging your cat or dog to drink more, pet water fountains come in a large variety of designs and can make a beautiful addition to the aesthetic of your home.
  • 【Two Personalized Water Flow Settings】 The fountain has two kinds of water flow settings to please even the pickiest drinkers. The bean sprout mimics a flowing faucet to attract cats, and after inserting a short nozzle, the drinking area becomes wider, which is very suitable for dogs to drink. Of course, you can choose the mode based on your pet's preferences.
  • 【Upgraded Replacement Filter】 Cats and dogs are very sensitive to tastes and odors, but a water fountain with a filter can provide odor & flavor-free water for your pets! The upgraded filter consists of activated carbon, ion exchange resin, and cotton - efficiently filtering impurities in the water and eliminating odor. A clean source of water is essential to the health of your pet.
  • 【Ultra Quiet & Low-Consumption Pump】 This pump is good news for a timid cat! It operates at less than 40 dB, which is equivalent to someone whispering next to you, so it won't bother your daily life. In addition, our pumps feature a new design that reduces power consumption. We offer a 2-year warranty, so you can buy now, risk free.
Bestseller No. 11
426 Reviews
Hommii Pet Drinking Water Flower Fountain for Cats and Dogs Pets, Cat Dog Water Dispenser, Automatic Electric 1.6L Super Silent
  • ATTRACT YOUR CAT ON THE FIRST GLANCE - The beautiful design and well water fascinate the animal, and even the fearful pet will never be frightened as it runs completely silently. The flowering fountain works with running water to encourage your pet to drink more.
  • 3 DIFFERENT SETTINGS FOR WATERFLOWING: Gentle flow; Bubbly water; Quiet flow. First, you assemble the drinking fountain, put the filter inside and make the water in the well. Set the flower or not as needed.
  • COMPACT AND EASY DRINKING - When you work, do not worry about the cats not drinking. You also do not need to put more bowl or faucet. Simply use this water fountain to make your cat drinking with higher frequence. Also, the 1.6L capacity is suitable for short trips.
  • WITH COAL FILTERS FOR BESSER WATER QUALITY - The filter cleans and softens hard water and simultaneously filters hair, sediments and impurities. The odors of the water can be eliminated and the taste is improved, which makes pets to drink more.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND FOR HEALTH OF CATS. The drinking fountain measures 19cm in diameter and 16cm in height. Pleasant surface for whiskers and at the same time comfortable height is ideal for kittens and adult cats. Just take the drinking fountain apart and wash it all a few days completely. This flowering fountain contributes to the health and well-being of your cats and dogs.
Bestseller No. 12
Guamar 2.5 L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser for Dog Cat and Multiple Pets
  • 🐾【Large Capacity】2.5 L water capacity is great for dogs , cats , multiple pet households. No need to replenish water frequently and it can not only meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizes, but also could store water for one week, so you could go out for a few days without worrying about your pets
  • 🐾【Environment Material】Made of finely polished AS resin material, this automatic water bowl is BPA-free, which can be used safely and securely. Simple quick-release structure is designed for easy removal and cleaning
  • 🐾【Design Concept】Fully transparency, it is easy to know when to clean and change water, so that your pet can always drink clean and healthy water; module design, component structure ,easy to install; the water tank has no extra bumps, easy to clean
  • 🐾【Encourage Drinking 】This drinking fountain is enquit with faucet , bowl and the spring surge mode are suitable for the drinking habits of cats , dogs and more pets. Your pet will like to drink water with NPET pet water fountain
  • 🐾【Filtered Water】Guamar automatic pet water dispenser adopts high-density and high-content activated carbon filter, and the filter structure is matched with white high-density filter cotton to achieve multiple filtration, which can effectively maintain water quality, increase oxygen content, and protect the health of pets
Bestseller No. 15
PARADING PETS TEAL Pet Water Fountain with Filter - For Cats, Dogs, Birds, Pets, and Small Animals - Patented 5-Layer Filtration, Large Quantity, Quiet Electric Pump
  • HEALTHY AND HYGIENIC: This pet cat water fountain ensures your lovely pets get clean drinking water all day. The water filter features a patented design that delivers better performance and is attractive to pets, encouraging them to hydrate more. Available in white or teal.
  • SUPERIOR 5-LAYER FILTRATION SYSTEM: A new and improved 5-layer filtration system delivers the cleanest drinking water. It filters hair, dirt, food particles, removes odor, and softens the water making it better tasting. No other competing pet water fountain filter even comes close!
  • QUIET, LOW CONSUMPTION, DURABLE: The electric pump that runs the pet water dispenser is ultra-quiet (below 40dB noise levels) and consumes very little power (4.8kw/year). It is also very durable, and can easily last years without needing replacement.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL PETS: Our new and improved water dispensing fountain has a large water bowl (50 fluid ounces) that makes it ideal for different pets. The pet fountain is great for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, or any other small animal. Refilling the fountain is also a breeze. Simply pour water in the upper basin and it flows quickly to the tank!
  • FILTER INCLUDED: Every pet fountain you buy from us comes with a free FilterX water filter. Each filter can last 6-8 weeks of continuous use. You are guaranteed great value for your money every time you shop with us. If unhappy, let us know and we'll give a free replacement or a full refund. It is really that easy. Click 'Add to Cart' now!
SaleBestseller No. 19
63 Reviews
Luluhome Pet Fountain, 1.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser, Filtered Water for Dog, Cat, Small Animals
  • Healthy drinking water: Pet fountain use rotary filtration to improve water quality, live water flows out, pet fur does not get wet, and can keep water active, replaceable activated carbon filter cotton, eliminate bad taste and odor, keep water fresh. Suitable for medium-sized pets, giving pets a new eating habit.
  • Considerate design: Simple, easy to use, easy to disassemble parts, easy to clean, pet fountain without BPA, top dishwasher safe. Water dispenser filter element is recommended to be replaced or cleaned once every 2-3 weeks after use. The silent motor design does not scare the pets. Low-voltage design ensures pet safety. Don't worry about pets touching the wires.
  • Adjustable water flow size: The water flow can be adjusted by the water fountain pump, and the setting of various water flow sizes can satisfy you and your pets. Customized water flow. Provide your pets with the largest amount of oxygen, fresher and healthier.
  • Notice: Do not allow the water volume to be lower than the minimum water level line; Water dispenser filter element is recommended to be replaced or cleaned once every 2-3 weeks after use; Clean the internal pump of the water fountain once every 3-4 weeks; Activated carbon filter cotton is cleaned every 2 weeks. We offer 100% refund guarantee. Let your pets drinking the cleanest water at any time!
  • Drink water, the water is clean: 1.5 liter (51fl.oz) circulating oxygen water dispenser, large water capacity, suitable for cats and dogs and small pets. Even if your pet is alone at home, it can drink water easily and happily, and feels your care for it anytime, anywhere. Free-falling streams entices dogs and cats to drink more water. The circulation filtration system, water fountain pump continuously circulates water, increases the oxygen content of the water, and makes the water more sweet.

Cat Water Fountain


How do you choose the best cat water fountain?

Some important features you need to consider while looking for cat fountains are:


The size of a water fountain is one of the many key considerations you need to think of. The amount of water your feline consumes depends entirely on the type and size of food they consume. If you have multiple cats or a large-sized breed, make sure that you get a fountain of the appropriate size.



Water fountains are made of many different materials like ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, and glass. If you choose a mountain made of plastic, you need to ensure that the plastic is free of toxins like BPA and is durable.



Most water fountains today contain filters that are replaceable. These filters will remove hairs and dirt and purify the drinking water. They also eliminate odors and chemicals.


Quiet operation

Modern water fountains make use of technology like silent pumps that consume less energy, enable quiet operation, and are low voltage. Such silent technology is used so that neither you nor your pet is disturbed by any sort of noise.


Design and color

Cat water fountains are available in a wide range of colors that will be able to complement any interior décor. While some fountains make use of free-falling water stream designs, there are others that feature recirculating design.


What are some of the top cat water fountains?

Some of the best cat water fountains include:


PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda

While water fountains might not look made exactly for the kitchen, this Drinkwell Pagoda by PetSafe looks absolutely stunning. While this particular model might be priced a bit higher than the other Drinkwell models, it is absolutely worth it. It has a capacity of two liters, which makes it perfect for households with multiple cats.

The two streams make slight splashing sounds that are not annoying for humans but enough to attract cats to the sound of running water. The fountain makes use of activated charcoal filters to filter the water. It is dishwasher safe and can be disassembled for detailed cleaning.


YOUTHINK Ceramic Fountain

This is a ceramic fountain that is very tidy and neat. The ultra-fine foam filter system keeps the water fresh and clean and removes any hair or fur that falls in while your kitty is enjoying the cool water. The functioning of the fountain is almost silent and the design is almost perfect for both the submersible pump and the flow speed.

The water fountain has a 2-liter capacity, which is good enough for households with more than a single cat. Since the overall design of the fountain is quite compact, you can easily carry it along with you. It also does not take a lot of time to assemble/disassemble.


PetSafe Drinkwell Original

This is the first Drinkwell fountain that was designed by PetSafe, and one of the most successful water fountains as well. This water fountain is very pocket-friendly and gives you the performance of a high-end water fountain. It has a 1.4-liter capacity, which also comes with a bonus 1.4-liter tank that pushes the total capacity to 2.8-liters.

This water fountain is made of ceramic is completely free of BPA. It can easily be washed and used. The stream flows in a free-falling style, which entices cats to drink more water.


PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum

If you are a household with more than five or six cats, then this water fountain by PetSafe is the right choice for you. While it might not exactly look very pretty, it is definitely one of the most reliable water fountains in the market today. It has a staggering 4.8-liter capacity.

The water fountain makes use of double carbon filter system to filter out impurities and dirt in the water; the brand also hands over three extra carbon filters for future use. It is also very easy to clean and store away. The 5-inch stream gives cats a lot of room to drink the water.


MOSPRO Flower Fountain

While it might be new to the whole cat fountain market, the MOSPRO Flower Fountain has been winning hearts all around the world. The water fountain is one of the quietest pet water fountains in the market today. You also have the option of three flows – the standard flow, the flower bubble mode, and the gentle fountain mode.

One of the best features about this water fountain is that it makes use of 2W of power and can run completely dry for about a week; this feature makes it perfect for cat parents who are away most of the time for work, etc. This water fountain is also quite cost-effective in the long run.


Catit Water Fountain

This water fountain by Catit is one of the top-rated pet water fountains in the market. It is extremely cheap for an automatic water dispenser. It also has a smooth open surface that makes it easy for felines to spot flowing water and is extremely easy to clean. The water fountain is also great at filtering out any dirt, fur, or hair that falls in the water.


Cats often struggle with a proper level of hydration. But with the right water fountain, you will be able to provide your feline with the right amounts of water. Your cat will be much healthier than before. The above are just some of the many cat water mountains you will see in the market today. Make sure you know all your considerations and options before deciding on one!


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