Dingo Dog Treats

Getting treats should always be a great experience for any pet dog. Treats should be nutritionally beneficial and easy to eat. Whether you use treats just for fun, as a reward after vet visits, or as positive reinforcement during training, you would want your dog to love them.

One of the most crowd-favorite treat brands is Dingo. Dingo Dog Treats houses a wide array of treat types that are extremely tasty and will keep your pooch happy. These treats are hand-picked to be your dog’s favorite snack.

 Top Dingo Dog Treats

SaleBestseller No. 1
Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Chews, Made With Real Chicken, 50-Count (Packaging May Vary)
1,600 Reviews
Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Chews, Made With Real Chicken, 50-Count (Packaging May Vary)
  • Rawhide With Real Chicken Jerky Twisted Throughout
  • Twist Shape Makes It More Difficult For Dogs To Reach The Meat Encouraging Longer Chewing
  • The Perfect Size For Treating Which Can Be Enjoyed By Multiple Sizes Of Dogs
  • Packaging May Vary
SaleBestseller No. 2
Dingo Mini Bones, Rawhide For Small/Toy Dogs, 35-Count
913 Reviews
Dingo Mini Bones, Rawhide For Small/Toy Dogs, 35-Count
  • Combination Of Real Chicken Wrapped With Premium Rawhide
  • Packed With Protein
  • Promotes Clean Teeth From The Natural Action Of Chewing
  • Classic Bone Shaped Chew, Packed With Flavor
  • No Fillers Or Artificial Binders
SaleBestseller No. 3
Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Chews, Made with Real Chicken, 50-Count
  • Made With Real Chicken
  • Promotes Clean Teeth From The Natural Action Of Chewing
  • Combination Of Real Chicken Wrapped With Premium Rawhide
  • Made In Cambodia
SaleBestseller No. 4
Dingo Ringo-O-O Rawhide Treat For All Dogs, 5-Count
  • No Fillers Or Artificial Binders: Each Chew Wraps Real Chicken With Premium Rawhide For A Flavor Your Pup Will Love.
  • Promotes Clean Teeth: Promote Clean Teeth From The Natural Action Of Chewing.
  • Fun Shaped Chew: Give Your Pup Something Entertaining And Tasty. These Unique Shaped Chews Treat Them With Flavors They Love And Lasting Chewing They Need.
  • Snack For All Dogs: Ringo-O-O S Are A Great Chew For All Size Dogs. This Pack Contains 5 Chews.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Dingo Tartar And Breath Dental Sticks For All Dogs, 48-Count
  • Dental Sticks Offer The Same Great Taste As The Original Dingo Munchy Stix With Added Freshness Of Baking Soda And Parsley Seed
  • The Irresistible Flavor Of Real Chicken Inside Each Stick Gives Your Dog A Delicious Treat, While The Chewing Action Gives Teeth A Thorough Brushing
  • Teeth Cleaning Dental Sticks With Real Chicken In The Middle
  • Dog'S Natural Chewing Action Of Dingo Dental Sticks Scrubs Your Dog'S Teeth Clean While Massaging Gums For Good Oral Health And Fresh Breath
  • Packaging May Vary
Bestseller No. 6
Dingo Soft & Chewy Beef/Chicken Training Treats, 360-Count
  • Made In The Usa With 100% Usa Sourced Ingredients
  • Made With Real Beef; Gluten Free
  • Ideal Size For Training Or Frequently Rewarding Your Dog Without Overfeeding
  • 3.19 Calories/Gram
  • Packaging May Vary
Bestseller No. 7
Dingo Delights, 100% Rawhide Free Treat, Chicken, 9-Count
  • Rawhide Free
  • Made With Real Chicken
  • Good Source Of Protein
  • Snack For All Dogs
Bestseller No. 8
Dingo Twist Sticks Jumbo Rawhide Chews Made with Real Chicken, 9-Count
  • Great Dingo-Taste In A Jumbo Shape Perfect For Large Dogs
  • Packed With Protein
  • Irresistible Combination Of Real Chicken And Premium, All-Natural Pork-Hide
  • Promote Healthy Teeth And Gums
  • Packaging May Vary
Bestseller No. 9
Dingo Breakfast Bites Snack For All Dogs, 10-Count, Bacon/Egg Shape
  • Promotes Clean Teeth From The Natural Action Of Chewing
  • Unique Bacon And Egg Shapes
  • Packed With Flavor
  • Rawhide Treat For All Dogs
Bestseller No. 10
Dingo Triple Flavor Kabob Dog Chew, Rawhide Wrapped With Real Chicken, Pork And Beef
95 Reviews
Dingo Triple Flavor Kabob Dog Chew, Rawhide Wrapped With Real Chicken, Pork And Beef
  • Promotes Clean Teeth: Dingo Chews Promote Clean Teeth From The Natural Action Of Chewing. This Chewing Action Satisfies Your Dog'S Urge While Also Providing An Additional Benefit
  • Good Source Of Protein: With Three Different Meats, These Dog Chews Are Packed With Protein And Flavor Your Pup Won'T Want To Miss
  • Triple Flavor Combination: Kabobs Are A Fun And Unique Shaped Treat That Will Satisfy And Entertain Your Dog. Each Chew Combines Real Chicken, Pork And Beef Wrapped Around Lasting Rawhide
  • Give One Per Day: Kabobs Are A Great Snack For All Sized Dogs. Select A Chew Slightly Larger Than Your Pet'S Mouth. Always Provide Fresh Drinking Water For Your Pet

Dingo Dog Treats


About Dingo Dog Treats

Dingo Dog Treats started out as a project of a pet parent who thought that regular dog treats were too boring. He grew tired of feeding his dog the same rawhide chews and moved forward to create a chewable treat from a combination of rawhide and jerky. Dingo Dog Treats are available in both rawhide-free and rawhide varieties, and also makes both chew toys and treats. The brand offers many flavors and sizes of the toys and treats that can satisfy a wide variety of dogs. The products will keep your dog wanting for more!


What are the ingredients that are used by Dingo Dog Treats?

Dingo Dog Treats makes use of only the best ingredients to manufacture its line of products. Only the most powerful flavors and benefits are combined to create treats, chews, and bones, which will keep your pooch wanting for more! In most of these treats, you will find a lot of common ingredients like:

  • Glycerin
  • Tapioca Starch
  • Natural Chicken Flavor
  • Titanium Dioxide (Color)
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Palm Oil
  • Cheese
  • Sodium Propionate (Preservative)
  • Fructooligosaccharide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Gelatin
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Rice Flour
  • Lactic Acid
  • Sugar
  • Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Source of Vitamin E)
  • Bromelain
  • Sugar
  • Methyl Paraben (Preservative)

What are some of the best dog food products offered by Dingo Dog Treats?


Some great Dingo Dog Treats are:

Mini Bones with Bacon

It is a known fact that dogs love bacon. This set of mini bones are infused with an irresistible combination of delicious bacon and beef hide, which will leave your dog wanting for more. The beef hide chews are made of real bacon and are excellent sources of protein. The chew also promotes clean teeth due to the natural abrasive action of chewing. Other ingredients that are used in this mini bone recipe are artificial pork flavor, salt, chicken, and cornstarch.


Chip Twists

This is Dingo Dog Treats’ excitement of twisted rawhide that your dog will not be able to resist. Chicken and premium rawhide is used to form this fun chew that is way better than regular rawhide chews. Your dog will simply love the rawhide chip that is filled with the flavor of real chicken. The treat is bursting with flavors. No artificial binders or fillers are used. It also promotes the natural cleaning of your dog’s teeth.


Goof Balls

Goof Balls by Dingo Dog Treats are a unique blend of real chicken and premium rawhide. Both are wrapped together in a playful shape to give your pooch the ultimate rawhide treat. The irresistible flavor of real chicken and fun shape will deliver a big taste that your dog will definitely love. This product is available in five categories of counts. There are no artificial binders or fillers and promotes clean teeth as well.



Dogs love the taste of real chicken. Twist is Dingo Dog Treats’ line of chew treat that is made with rawhide and chicken. This product is fun for large dogs because they are wrapped in chicken and braided by hand. It is the brand’s biggest treat and will give your pooch long-lasting chewing and flavor. The Twists are made by hand and make use of only the top-rated ingredients that will give your pooch an irresistible and fun reward that is always bursting with flavor.


Dental Bones

These dental bones are made of real chicken. They are daily oral health chews that reduce plaque and tartar and freshens the breath of your dogs, thanks to the natural action of chewing. The middle consists of real chicken that your dog will definitely love. It is a perfect snack of medium-sized breeds and contains other ingredients like rawhide, sugar, salt, parsley seed oil, etc.


Strips with beef

Your pooch deserves nothing less than the best treats. These strips are infused with beef flavor. The beef is real and sourced from the USA. The smoky flavor goes well with dogs of all sizes. These tasty treats will surely become your dog’s new favorite in no time!


Training Treats

Training your dog with Dingo Dog Treats’ Training Treats will make the job much easier for you. These are bite-sized treats that are made from chicken and real beef, both of which are sourced from the USA. These two are great sources of proteins and will offer the taste that your dog is looking for. These are perfect as rewards from training and treating dogs of all sizes and breeds. The treat is free of gluten and comes in a reusable bag that will keep the treats fresh and crunchy for a long time.


Dogs of all sizes and ages will definitely love Dingo Dog Treats. The smaller treats make great training aids and the larger treats are perfect if your dog is just lazing around and looking for something to chew. Though some treats are textured, most of them are easy-to-chew and soft for older dogs with lesser teeth to enjoy. These treats help in maintaining great oral hygiene since the materials are made of rawhide. Unless your dog is very picky, it will love the fun shapes and strong flavor of these Dingo dog treats.

These treats offered by Dingo Dog Treats are great for all types of dogs. They are not priced very expensively. While the strong flavor might give off an equally-strong scent, you can easily solve this problem by feeding the treat outside your living premises. It should be remembered that treats by Dingo break easily; hence, you always need to supervise your furry companion when they are chewing on these treats.

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