Dog Door

If you have been a dog owner who is insanely concerned about the safety of their dog, then we are sure that you must have heard about dog doors. While there is still some contention about how beneficial they actually are, we will tell you about them in detail. This way, you will be able to be the better judge yourself.

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Upgraded 2 Ways Locking Dog Door for Exterior Doors,Medium Large Sliding Doggie Door,Metal Training Doggy Cat Door Indoor,Plastic Freedom Pet Door with Aluminum Lining,Consolidate Soft Flap,Anti-rust
  • SIZE: Medium: External size: 10.6''(W) x 12.9''(H), Internal size:9.2''(W) x 11''(H),suitable for installation on doors, and wooden walls or any wall or door that is up to 50mm thick, Recommended Door Thickness: 1 1/4" to 2"; Flap Size: 7"-11.5"; For Dogs & Pets Up To 60 LBS: suitable for cats lighter than 27 Lb and waist circumference less than 23".
  • White Plastic & Aluminum Lining: Made of ABS plastic, waterproof , the surface is smooth and durable;Low-maintenance, weatherproof pet flap with inner telescoping frame.
  • Soft Flexible Flap With Magnetic Closure: Transparent flap preferred by most pets, draft and rainproof brush sealed flap with closure. Brush strip to reduce energy loss and noise, ensure that neither the pets nor the owner will be disturbed.The Flap Will Not Warp Over Time Or Under Extreme Temperatures.
  • 2-Way Locking: Removable Self-Locking Slide Panel can easily prevent any unwanted guests from entering; Helps Protect Against Extreme Weather, Air Drafts, As Well As Bugs And Insects.
  • Very Easy To Install With Just 5 Easy Steps: EASY TO INSTALL. Detailed Instructions are included, Screws and its caps included in the set makes you easily install in windows, doors, cupboards, panels and walls, etc. If the door is too thick to be fixed to, you could cut the tunnel deeper using a scissors, saw or cutting machine. Average Installation Time: 25 Minutes.

Dog Door

What is a dog door?

Dog doors are small openings at the bottom of your main door which is meant for the dog to peep out from. They have a flap which can move when the dog puts out its head through the small dog door. These tiny openings can be fitted to screen doors, a wooden or glass door, a patio door, etc.


What are the right measurements?

People often make the mistake of measuring their doors when it comes to choosing a dog door. The door is secondary because it can anyway accommodate a small dog door. What is more important is the measurements of your dog. Yes! That’s right. Since it is your dog that will be peeping out every now and then, through the dog door, the most vital is to measure your dog according to the size of the door.

While you take the measurements of your dog, you will have to concentrate on the area around the head and neck. The height of the dog door is right when the door ends before two inches of touching the shoulder. This way, the dog can move around freely without getting stuck.

The width of the dog door also should be at least two inches away from the hips area or the area around the shoulders. When you take this measurement, always leave some extra space in the width because there is always a possibility that your dog might gain weight.

If you have more than one dog, then the measurement gets slightly complicated here. You need to have a door that will be right for a really small dog and perfect for a large dog too. The solution here is to choose doors that have buttons on them for the flap. So you can button the flap and make adjustments accordingly when you want to allow or restrict the movement of your dogs. For instance, if you leave a smaller space after buttoning the flap, your small puppy will not be able to run out of the door.


Advantages of a dog door

If you want to improve the lifestyle of your dog, one of the easiest ways to do it is to install a dog door. It is a onetime investment and the benefits are for a lifetime. Here are the advantages of having a dog door at home:


Free movement

You do not have to take your pet out every time it needs to relieve itself. It is also unhealthy for a dog to hold it in long. Having a dog door will let it to move freely without your assistance every time. We have all faced the problems with cleaning our house after our dogs have soiled carpets, floors, bedsheets, and what not. If your pet has the option of moving out and taking a dump, there is no chance that you have to keep cleaning your house because your dog dirtied it. So, you save energy and time as well.



If your pet moves around the house more, it will be more active in everything it does. Often our dogs suffer from boredom and become lazy in the process. A dog door will give your dog the opportunity to move out whenever it wants so that it can play and stay happy.


Mental well being

Apart from being physically active, your dog will also feel better generally because of the freedom that a dog door provides. If you are busy and have no time to play with your dog, it can go out and having fun rolling on the grass. This will mentally stimulate your dog and in turn it will be more observant too.


Solve problematic behavior

When our dogs stay indoors a lot, they often end up having problems in their behavior. This can manifest in multiple ways like chewing of everything inside the house, soiling floors, biting even people at home, anxiety, cranky attitude, etc. A lot of time it has been seen that such behavior can be solved by letting your dog out more. The more fresh air they have, the more movement they can do, the better your dogs feel.


Emergency situations

There have been instances of fire or leaking of water and such other emergencies inside the home. In such cases, if your dog is inside alone and you are away, then it can be life threatening for them. Dogs can sense dangers and the moment something like that happens, your dog will run out and save itself.


Protect your home

If some criminals are planning to attack your home, they will think twice before breaking into your house the moment they see a dog door. They will know that it is not easy to break in with a dog as it will attack them. This has been known to save the day for many families.


Things to consider

You might be super excited to buy a dog door after having read all the benefits but that is not all. Take some time out to consider the safety measures you need to take before installing it. Make sure that you have a high fence around the house so that your dog cannot run out of your compound and into the road. Plus, you should not have a water body like a swimming pool in your compound. You do not want your dog to go swimming without supervision when you’re not home.

Other than this, there are not many things to keep in mind. Just like any other product, a dog door too requires some care. You will need to check it from time to time and clean it. Order it today!





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