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Cleaning our ears during shower time is important and it is a regular activity, isn’t it? So, why should not the same be for your dog? Often we have seen dog owners taking the hygiene and cleaning of their dogs very lightly. Just because your pets cannot speak, does not mean they do not require a scrubbing at regular intervals. Especially when it comes to the ears, keeping them clean in dogs is very important. If you want all the knowhow about this, then this article might answers all your queries.

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Dog Ear Cleaner/ Advanced Dog Ear Wax Remover- All Natural/With Nature Extracts & Olive Oil - Best Antifungal/Antibacterial Pet Ear Wax Cleaner Products For Small/Large Puppies & Dogs
  • THE BEST PET EAR WAX REMOVER: The Makondo Wax cleaner removal "tool", removes built-up wax, parasites, dirt, moisture from your pet's inner ear, leaving it clean. Thus, your dog's hearing is being enhanced and feels no more annoyed by all those things mentioned above. Its anti-fungal & anti-bacterial composition protects your dog's ears from infections too.
  • THE X FACTOR: Want to know why its better than the rest? Its non toxic consistency assures that your pup will face no ear issues afterwards, such as burns, painful infections, hair shedding. All you need to do is to use the extremely easy application nozzle to apply the product gently to the interior of your pet's ear - Please make sure to follow responsibly the instructions included.
  • LOVELY SCENTED: The Ear cleaner is discretely scented with a touch of peppermint, pleasant for your pup and for you. It's all natural extracts' formula is made to provide a deep cleaning experience to your pets ear canals without causing any harm, unlike many other similar products. It safely enters the ear, removes the wax easily, and leaves your doggie relaxed in comfort with its new clean ear canals.
  • SAFE & VETERINARIAN FORMULATED: The antibacterial, anti-fungal ear cleanser, is really safe to use. Before we bring something out on the market, we always make sure that each product is entirely safe to use at home. To do that, we consult the expertise of the best veterinarians, just to bring you only the finest of products for your best friend. Our wax ear cleaner will not hurt your dog in any way - actually it will give it feelings of comfort.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Makondo Pets, is considered to be amongst the most qualified pet health care companies around. This is why we deal on a daily basis, with ever happy and satisfied customers. If you consider yourself in the future that you are not among them, all you need is ask us to provide you with a full Refund - you will also get a taste of our services as well.
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SEAMUS Otic Ear Solution - Best Ear Cleaner for Dogs, Professionally Formulated for Bacteria, Itch, Debris and Smell, Infused with Essence of Cucumber, Melon, Aloe Vera and Oatmeal Extract
  • OTIC SOLUTION vs EAR CLEANSER An OTIC Solution is acetic and will stop the growth of bacteria and fungus in the treatment of infections. Many of the ear cleaners on the market are good for cleaning dirt and debris but are not medically able to handle some underlining or reoccurring problems. Compare SEAMUS OTIC SOLUTION ingredients with others on the market and you will, in many cases, see noticeable differences. Seamus OTIC solution ACIDIFIES, DEODORIZES, CLEANS, DRYS and much more.
  • ACIDIFY & DEODORIZE It is a well-known fact that no living organism can survive in an acidic environment. The acidic nature of this product provides an unfavorable environment for microbial growth (bacteria, fungus, viruses). At the same time, it deodorizes the ear canal eliminating discharge and odor. Unlike other products on the market our exclusive CUCMBER MELON SCENT is a human grade ingredient used in many high end human bath products which last longer.
  • CLEAN & DRY SEAMUS OTIC SOLUTION is WATER BASED formulated with DSS and Aloe Vera, will not sting or burn while ridding the pets ear of wax, dead skin tissue, yeast and debris. A DRYING SOLUTION preventing swimmer's ear and stops itching. Should be used after bathing. Used on a regular basis, (possibly once a week) can help prevent costly vet bills due to ear infections. The formula in SEAMUS OTIC SOLUTION has been used in Veterinarian Clinics and Doctors' offices for over 14 years.
  • PHARMASOME TECHNOLOGY Is a patented technology that makes it possible to create deeper, longer-lasting delivery of ingredients in liquid medications. Pharmasomes are made up of Phospholipids, a special group of lipids containing phosphate. Most lipids are "hydrophobic," meaning that they cannot be mixed with water. The reason that phospholipids are special is because they are "hydrophilic" - able to mix with water and it is time released. Which basically means IT LAST LONGER.
  • WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR PETS DO YOU SHOP FOR PRICE OR QUALITY? YOUR PETS WILL LOVE THIS BECAUSE: Helps prevent ear infections - Cleans, dries and acidifies pet's ear canal - Rids wax, dead skin and debris - Doesn't sting or burn - Gentle for daily use - Pleasant cucumber and melon smell - For dogs and cats
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Dog Ear Cleaner, 8oz | Made in USA, Best Ear Mite & Infection Treatment | Alcohol-Free, Aloe Vera Infused, Non-Irritating Ear Wash Drops Solution Formula | Eliminates Itching & Odors for Cats & Pets
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Pawstruck's 8 oz. VETERINARY recommended formula safely and effectively removes and kills pathogens in the ear canal. Our formula is infused with Aloe Vera and (2%) Salicylic Acid. This solution harmlessly removes Itching, Fungus, Microbes, Bacteria, Itchy Ear, Yeast Infection Treatment, and Antimicrobial, Antifungal, and Antibacterial. Our Apple Kiwi Scent eliminates EAR ODOR and kills bacteria. Suitable for daily use and even perfect after baths or swimming.
  • ALCOHOL-FREE, NON-IRRITATING EAR WASH: Pawstruck ear cleanser is an alcohol-free formula for a no-sting, non-irritating experience. Our solution is for sensitive ears! Infused with Aloe Vera, to soothe the ear canal and break-up wax gently. It provides a deeper clean than ear wipes, drops, and other ear cleaners out there. Our formula can be used 1 to 2 times a week to prevent future infections caused by bacteria--such as yeast infections and yeast bacterial infections.
  • CAT & DOG EAR WAX REMOVER: Pawstruck Advanced Ear Cleaner is a professional grade ear wash that removes reddish brown wax, dirt or any other types of wax build-up. Our solution is safe to use multiple times a week. It will heal scaling, redness, inflammation, and itchy ears caused by dog allergies. Long floppy ears, tend to hold in moisture and are prone to ear infections and wax build-up. Our otic ear wash will suck moisture out and balance the pH level of the ear.
  • EAR MITE TREATMENT: Pawstruck Otic Cat and Dog Ear Cleaning wash will remove debris caused by mites living in your pet's ears. This powerful ear cleaning formula will kill mite eggs hiding in ear canals. Our ear flush will not only help heal internal ear mite infections but will also help soothe and deodorize external ear infections caused by parasites. Pawstruck ear cleaning solution is infused with Aloe Vera to relieve inflammation, redness, and irritation caused by mites.
  • MADE IN USA: At Pawstruck, we consider our earwash the best and proudly make it for canines and felines in a federally regulated facility in the United States of America. This product is NASC certified, which means we are committed to the quality of our products. At Pawstruck, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We stand behind our 30-day SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If this isn't the best ear cleaner for dogs you've ever purchased, our customer care team is ready to help.

Dog Ear Wash

Why use a Dog Ear Wash?

You might feel that Dog Ear Wash is an extra investment but this might save you a lot of trouble in reality. The structure inside the ears of dogs is anything but simple. Inserting a cotton swab, a cleaner, etc, might not suffice in order to clean the ears effectively. This is where you will need the assistance of a Dog Ear Wash.

Many a times, dirt and other materials are stuck deep inside the ears which cannot be taken out without a Dog Ear Wash. If these external materials are not cleaned, this might lead to complications like infections, improper hearing, etc. A Dog Ear Wash makes any dirt inside moist and helps them to get expelled towards the opening of the ear so that you can take them out completely.

A good Dog Ear Wash will have antibacterial qualities that will not lead to any infections inside the ear. Also, any amount of wax buildup will be easily removed with the help of a Dog Ear Wash. However, not all washes have the same ingredients. As a pet owner, you might already be familiar with the fact that dogs are quite prone to allergies. This is why, before buying a Dog Ear Wash, it is always recommended that you get the product checked by your vet.


What to use with a Dog Ear Wash?

Putting drops of an ear wash into the ears of your pooch does not do the job. You should also choose a cleaning material so that the process can be eased out. We avoid cotton swabs as they have chances of getting stuck inside the ear or pushing the dirt even further inside. Instead of swabs, you can try using applicators with cotton tips that are firm and will not break inside. Also, go for the ones that are clean, safe, and of high quality.


How to clean your pet’s ears with a Dog Ear Wash?

One of the questions that puzzle every dog owner is the right and easy way to put Dog Ear Wash into their pet’s ears. The next step of actually cleaning the ear patiently seems like quite a task. But we are here to help you through it. Given below are some basic steps that should let you clean your dog’s ears smoothly:

  1. The first step is the make sure that your dog is comfortable, that you have a grip on your pet, and that it is facing towards you.
  2. The next step is to make sure that those floppy ears do not come in the way. So, hold then with one hand and use the other to clean the ear.
  3. Hold the ear flap firmly so that the canal is straight and you do not face obstruction while cleaning it.
  4. Then pour some Dog Ear Wash into the ear. Do not worry if some of it gets spilled outside. Just wipe it with a clean cloth. Also, be careful not to let the nozzle touch the insides of the ear to avoid any kind of infection.
  5. After this, massage the portion below the ear, at the base, very slowly. This is to make sure that the wash enters the canal properly and cleans up the sediment inside. If you hear a squelching noise from the ear, do not be alarmed; it is only the wash doing its job.
  6. Do not let go of the ear flap and after massaging the ear base for around 30 seconds, put the cotton applicator inside gently. With easy and soft motions, move the applicator inside the ear to bring the debris outside.
  7. Remember to give your pet enough time to move its head after regular intervals. This will make the wash go further inside and loosen the dirt up. Keep repeating the cleaning process until you can see no more dirt coming out.
  8. The same has to be done to the other ear as well. However, make sure you do not insert the applicator too deep inside in order to avoid any injuries. Also, doing it all with an easy hand is important since the ear canal is extremely sensitive and prone to injuries.

Safety measures to be followed

A Dog Ear Wash will only help your dog if you follow certain basic tenets while using it. The first is to discontinue using the solution if you see any irritation or pain in your dog. Plus, consult a vet immediately if this happens. The chances of this happening are pretty scarce but you should consider the probability nevertheless.

Never force your dog into getting its ears cleaned as this will only make the process extremely difficult and time taking. Struggle with your dog is not good for a sensitive job like using a Dog Ear Wash to clean the ears. Even the slightest unnecessary movement might cause both minor and major injuries in the ears. To avoid struggle, using treats to lure your dog can be quite helpful. Plus, instilling faith in your pet before undertaking such a job is very important, otherwise they will be very fidgety.

Once you get a hang of the whole cleaning process, you are good to go. So, without much ado, buy a high quality Dog Ear Wash immediately. You can do so after consulting your pet’s vet because the sooner you start with cleaning, the better it is for the health of your dog.

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