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Spillage of food is a consistent problem that all dog owners face with their dogs. But after all, you cannot scold those poor adorable pups who do not understand at times that spilling of food can be such a headache for the owner. What you can do is buy a dog food mat. This will not only solve your problem but will stop you from getting mad at your dog at times when you are too busy. We will tell you more about a Dog Food Mat in this article. So read on.

 Best Dog Food Mats

Dog Food Mat


What is a Dog Food Mat?

You know that we use table mats when we eat at the dining table, right? Similarly, there are food mats available for dogs that can be places beneath their food bowl. The most obvious advantage of a Dog Food Mat is that you can keep the floors clean by avoiding spillage of food. But it also adds more style to the life of your dog.


Why buy a Dog Food Mat?

There cannot be a more refined way to put across the fact that dogs can be quite messy. As a dog owner, there is only a limit till which you can train your dog. Sometime, the mess cannot be stopped and you might just have to bear it. One of such daily hassles is when we serve food to our dog in a food bowl. Dogs eat in their own way, romping around at times, coming back to the bowl, and making a mess out of the kitchen floor.

It is such a pain to keep cleaning the floors from time to time. This is why the best solution and an easy one is to just buy a Dog Food Mat. All you need to do is place the mat under the bowl and voila! There will be no food lying around the bowl. All the spilled food will fall on the mat which can be cleaned afterwards whenever you like. Plus, mats that are found in the market these days can be cleaned easily in a few minutes.


Can I use a towel as a food mat for my dog?

Technically you can use any kind of cloth as a mat but honestly, it won’t be effective at all. There will be water too in another bowl for your dog. Plus, the food also might be more of a liquid nature. In that case, the moment your dog spills any food, the towel will get soaked in it and the whole purpose of protecting the floor is just defeated.

We know that a lot of you might think that buying a food mat is altogether a new and useless investment. But trust us, it will save you a lot of money and trouble. If you buy a good quality mat, it will last you for the longest time and therefore, you save money by not buying multiple towels as mats.


Various types of Dog Food Mats

Just like any other products for dogs, there are various types for food mats too. From different sizes to different materials, the pet industry has it all for your furry friend. Let us have a brief look at the options from which you can choose:


Non slipping mat

A lot of dogs push and turn their bowls over after they are done with eating. Many do this because or boredom or anger at not being happy with the food. Whatever be the reason, this can amount to insane spillage. Getting a non slipping mat will not let your dog move the bowl. The mat has a grip that will keep the bowl in its place.


Plastic tray

Plastic trays are quite cheap as Dog Food Mats and they are also not heavy. You can buy a flat one or one with raised edges. We will suggest you to go for the latter and the chances of spillage are further reduced since the food cannot fall out of the tray.


Fabric Mat

Most owners go for the fabric mats because they come in beautiful patterns and colors. They add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.  But there is always a chance that the food will soil the mat. So, you can go for thick and sturdy ones that will not be spoiled easily.


Silicone mat

As you know, silicone is a substance that is resistant to staining, scratches, etc. This can be one of the best options when you go to buy a Dog Food Mat. They also come in two kinds- one with flat edges ands the other with raised edges. There mats also act as a cushion to your dog’s feet which makes eating more comfortable for your dog that has to sit on the floor.


Customized mats

You can choose really cool and stylish mats that will entirely be the way you want them to be. Starting from having your dog’s name on it, the mat can also be of the material, pattern, quality, texture that you want. They will also be an add-on to your home interiors since you can choose how they look.


How to choose the best Dog Food Mat?

The first factor that you have to consider while buying a mat is the purpose you want it to serve. The mat will vary depending on whether you want it to be stain free, or prevent the floor from getting soiled, or to look good.

After this you can think of the material like silicone or plastic. If you want something budget friendly then plastic might be a better option. But, silicone mats will be cushioned. Fabric mats will look the best if you want it for décor. So, it is really your call when you choose the final product. Whatever information we have given in this article will help you to make a better and a smart choice. You now also know what options you have. So wait no more and rush through the door to buy a Dog Food Mat.

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