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Normal everyday food is not great for dogs and their overall growth. Of course, they will help the dog with growth but not as much as specialized Dog Food will. Dog food is specially crafted for the purpose of dogs and canines which are similar. Because dogs are naturally carnivorous, meat-based foods suit them better since their system is designed to digest meat protein more easily than vegetable ones. If you want to know more about what you feed your pet, then this article will be your guide.

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Dog Food

Are dogs allergic to any food?

Many people are not aware of this fact but dogs are allergic to a lot of substances. Feeding your lovely pet something that it is allergic to, might cause adverse reactions. The allergies might surface in the form of rashes, itchy skin, swelling, an upset stomach, diarrhoea, etc. Most of these allergies are found to have been caused by proteins that come from animals like chicken, lamb, beef, etc. And a lot of dog brands use these particular ingredients in their formulas.

But, this is not to say that dog food is bad for the health of your dog. What you really need to be cautious about is whether your dog is allergic to any of these substances or not. If no such allergies have been found in your pet, then you can feed it any of the dog foods that you want.

We would also suggest you to go for novel protein recipes when you buy dog food. Such formulas have ingredients which are very unlikely to cause any allergy in your pet. So, they use rice, fish, lamb, etc. Or you can go for brands that breakdown hydrolyzed proteins and make them novel to avoid allergic reactions.

Deciding the food type

Often we find ourselves very perplexed when it comes to choosing between dry dog food and wet or canned dog food. Each has its own special benefits and it becomes quite a big puzzle as to which would really suit our pet. We are here to help. We will list out the advantages of each type so that you can decide on one, depending on the habits of your dog or what you want for your pet.

Dry food

If you are concerned about the oral healthcare of your dog, then dry foods definitely have an advantage over the wet ones. Dry foods have to be chewed properly before your dog eats it. This increases the strength of the teeth and gums; plus, tartar and plaque build up is also reduced by making your dog chew dry food. Dry Food eating dogs also have better breath than the ones that eat wet food.

If you are traveling, then dry foods are the best because they do not require you to refrigerate them. You can just put it out for your dog to feed itself whenever it is hungry. In terms of cost cutting too, dry foods are better than canned ones. The water percentage in wet foods is more than the percentage in dry ones. This makes dry food less expensive than the wet foods.

Canned food

Containing fewer carbohydrates, canned foods have more protein in them, along with more fat. This makes them more appetizing to dogs as well. Also, dogs can digest canned food more easily than dry ones. This will decrease your cleaning up of any dog mess. If your pet suffers from any illness or is a picky eater, then canned foods are better suited for them. This is owing to the taste and the digestibility of the canned foods.

Nutritionists also often state that canned foods are a healthier choice for your dog with its high amount of moisture. This will keep your dog better hydrated and will help the urinary tract. In spite of being a more expensive option, canned foods might actually save your money if you are planning to buy foods for smaller breeds. An important fact to be remembered is that canned foods have to refrigerated. So, if your dog leaves food on the plate then it has to be thrown away after around 2 hours have passed.

Why does your pet need special dog food?

Since most of us are not veterinary doctors or experts on dog health, it is better to go by what specialists say. Often we do not diagnose the problems in our pets and this can lead to the increase of the problem. Prevention is always better and this is why special dog food which is prepared keeping in mind the welfare of dogs is better suited for your pet. Here are some reasons why you should go for dog food:

The coat

Many dogs these days suffer from skin problems and allergies in the coat. The dog foods have ingredients that prevent problems related to skin and coat.

Stomach issues

Home cooked food might lack in nutrients that dogs require. In many cases, dogs also suffer from loose motion or digestion problem because of home cooked food. This is why dog food is necessary because they come in specific categories that will look after the specific necessities of your dog.

Weight gain

Meals with rice at home might be a reason why your dog is gaining weight. Therefore, go for a healthier diet in packaged dog food that comes in formulas high in fiber which will give more energy but contain less fat.

Joint related problems

Normal food will not help your dog with joint problems, especially if it is of a larger breed. A Doctor will also prescribe supplements which are mostly present in dog foods. Omega acids are an important ingredient in dog food which also cures joint problems in dogs.

Overall, you have a better idea regarding why your dog might need dog food. And since you know the types and the benefits of dog food, you will be able to make a more informed choice. So what are you waiting for? Go online and order for dog food that will keep your dear furry pet healthier and more playful.


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