Dog Kennels

Whether indoors or outdoors, dogs need a space that they can call their own; a kennel is a perfect option that is safe and contained from any sort of danger. As a dog parent, a dog kennel should be one of the first items that you need to purchase before taking on the responsibility of a canine. Since a kennel resembles a cave, it will mimic the feel of a den and make your pooch more comfortable. This is because dogs still retain some characteristics and qualities of their ancestors.

 Top Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels

How do you choose the best dog kennels?

There are several variables that one needs to remember while choosing a dog crate. Some aspects you need to consider before purchasing a dog kennel are:



Dog crates are made of different materials. Each of these materials offers some universal services that you can expect out of a standard dog kennel, while others are great for specific scenarios. Plastic dog kennels are made of a durable poly-blend that is fitted with a chrome-plated bar door. These kennels offer privacy and best for airline travels.

Travel dog crates provide superior durability and strength. They feature great visibility, excellent ventilation, and heavy-duty construction. These crates are perfect for driving or flying around with your dog. Wire dog kennels provide maximum portability, security, and ventilation. Some can be folded to a convenient size for easy storage. They are also very easy to clean.



Dog kennels come in a wide range of sizes, and it is very important that you know the right size for your pooch. In cases like these, a dog kennel size chart comes in handy. Normally, the size of the dog crate is determined by the length and height of your dog where he can stand up without having to duck its head below his shoulders and lie down without being cramped.

Additionally, a divider panel also adds versatility to the dog crate and saves you a lot of money in the long run by allowing you to adjust the size of the kennel space as your puppy grows in size. It is important to keep the size restrictive dogs prefer to be clean; if the crate is too large, your pooch might relieve itself in one corner and sleep in the other.


What are some of the best dog kennels available in the market?

Whether you keep your dog indoors or outdoors, here are some great looking dog kennels you can purchase for your pooch:


Suncast DH250 Dog House

This particular kennel is a quintessential dog house that can be seen most commonly in movies and TV series. The best factor about this dog house is that it is very easy to assemble and set up and not priced over-expensively. Putting up this kennel from scratch will not take you more than an hour. If you are looking for a great alternative to spending the whole weekend building a wooden kennel, then this is it.

The Suncast dog house measures 27x35x30 inches and made of durable vinyl. The construction is quite robust, will hold well against the rain, and stand for a long time to come. Quality construction and a fair price are just some of the reasons this kennel is so popular among dog parents.


Yaheetech Tall Metal Playpen

This dog playpen is quite a unique space for keeping all your puppies in a single place contained and safe. The iron panels are premium powder-coated for a stylish and durable finish. The playpen has been designed to keep your pet’s safety in mind; hence it makes use of rounded ground stakes and corners for added protection.

This dog playpen makes use of 16 panels in total, which makes it quite possible to assemble in a wide range of shapes and ways. You can easily shape the playpen like a rectangle, square or a circle. This exceptional pen will provide you no problems.


Aleko Pet System Dog Kennel

This dog kennel by Aleko Pet System is an appropriate choice for housing large-sized dogs or when you are looking for something durable. This kennel features bars made of steel with wire mesh for that incredible strength and classic look that will keep your pooch safely contained inside.

Setting up this kennel is a piece of cake, all thanks to the unique locking system that allows you to clasp the modular panels together without any difficulty. The interior is quite large and is a perfect kennel for all seasons when combined with safety features and water-resistant coating.


Paws and Pals Dog Crate, Extra Large

This dog crate is easily one of the best metal dog crates in the market today. It is incredibly durable. The materials used are treated specially to be waterproof so that it is resistant to washing and other accidents. The crate is easy to set up and take down and foldable to save space, which is great for traveling.

The crate comes with a divider, which makes it possible to house multiple small dogs; you can keep them separated and out of trouble. Alternatively, if you have a large-sized dog, this is one of the best dog houses you can purchase.


MidWest iCrate

While the MidWest iCrate might not have fancy whistles and bells, it has everything that you would expect out of a metal dog crate. It is easy to assemble and take down and quite durable. You can fold the crate for easy storing. It comes in many different sizes for small- to large-sized dogs.

The crate is fitted with two entry/exit points. Your pooch will definitely love this crate. Right from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane, this crate is perhaps one of the best indoor dog houses in the market today and made only from premium materials.

Your dog provides you with undying companionship and love. In turn, you should provide him with everything needed to thrive happily. And one of those things is the best dog kennel. The above are some of the best dog kennels in the market today that have a very robust construction and will provide ample space to your pooch.

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