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Today, Freshpet is one of the most popular brands in the dog food market. The company has been presenting fresh meals to pets since 2006. Conventionally, Freshpet used to sell dog foods in the form of rolls. Pet owners need to refrigerate and cut down this roll in a specific section to feed your dog according to their size. Today, the company offers refrigerated dog food in bags and other popular treats.

Unlike other dog foods, Freshpet does not manufacture raw foods. Here, dog foods are cooked and pasteurized so as to kill harmful bacteria before they move out of their kitchen.

 Best Freshpet Dog Food

#1 ACuteADay - Freshpet, Dog Food Nature's Fresh Chicken, 28 Ounce
  • Verified Non GMO. Responsibly and Ethically Sourced.
  • Animal Welfare Certified Enriched Environment/Certified to Global Animal Partnership standards by EarthClaims, LLC or IMI Global, Inc. Made in the USA, No Ingredients from China.
  • Certified Humanely Raised & Vegetarian-Fed Chicken. No Antibiotics or Added Growth Hormones.
  • Whole Grains to Support Digestive Health. No Rendered By-Products or Meat Meals.
  • We Support Local Farmers. Complete & Balanced for Small, Medium & Large Adult Dogs. Keep Refrigerated & Use Within 7 Days of Opening.

Freshpet Dog Food

About Freshpet Dog Food

Freshpet shares its origins with the United States of America. The company manufactures refrigerated and fresh food for cats and dogs using natural ingredients. Freshpet came into being in 2006 and became the first distributor among the refrigerated and fresh category over North America.

The company makes treats and foods for pets by a unique combination of meats with vegetables and fruits. Pet foods from this brand are available across numerous stores in the Netherlands, the U.K., Canada, and the United States.

In 2013, the company established a new facility for manufacturing in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by the name “Freshpet Kitchens”. It came into being to bear a resemblance to human-grade manufacturing standards. Freshpet Dog Food released a new research and development center in 2015.

Freshpet functions its business from landfill-free, wind-powered, and carbon neutral Freshpet kitchens. The company donates more than 3 million meals to shelters and rescues across the United States. In 2018, Freshpet came out with Fresh Start campaign, which is a charitable effort to create awareness for shelter animals that encounter stigmas to adoption. These stigmas include past abuse, disabilities, or breed types. Also, the company funded an intensive care unit to rescue high-risk dogs and cats that require serious medical intervention.

Different varieties of Freshpet Dog Food

The product line of Freshpet Dog Food comprises of several categories. Each and every variety fits the dietary preferences and needs of your dog as well as your needs like time constraints. The dog food from Freshpet consists of roasted meats, rolls, shredded meat. Here’s a list of the product lines:

  • Freshpet Vital
  • Deli Fresh
  • Dog Joy Treats
  • Freshpet Select
  • Nature’s Fresh
  • Dognation Treats

Under each of these categories, you have various other options to choose for. With so many choices out there, it becomes really hard to choose one option for your dog. To solve your problem, Freshpet offers a selector tool for their products. Using this selector, you will know about some recommendations for what food will work the best for your pet. Here, all you have to do is answer some simple questions regarding your dog.

Why Freshpet is the best?

The term “Fresh” in the word “Freshpet” indicates the food is made from scratch in the kitchen, which ensures freshness all the time. Freshpet comprises of real meat and vegetables. It is absolutely free from by-products or other processed meat meals that are packed in lots of dog foods.

The best part about Freshpet Dog Food is that it is cooked at lower temperatures in small batches so as to retain nutrients. Additionally, the company does not make use of any artificial or chemical preservatives in their foods.

With Freshpet Dog Food, there is no need to prepare for anything. You just have to open the bag, calculate the food, and then, pour the same into your pet’s bowl. The dog foods from Freshpet resemble freshly made meals at home, where you do not have to put in your efforts.

Who is Freshpet Dog Food for?

Freshpet Dog Food is designed especially for pet lovers who like to feel good about what they offer their dogs. This dog food is best for picky dogs. Meanwhile, sensitive dogs respond great to Freshpet Dog Food.

On the other hand, the clear ingredient label allows you to identify ingredients that are not safe for your lovely dog. In the end, every dog who likes to eat tasty meals will definitely love this dog food.

How to buy the best Freshpet Dog Food?

When it comes to dog food, the first thing you need to ensure is that it is “balanced and complete”. It signifies that the pet food contains all the essential nutrients required for proper care of your dog’s health.

On the other hand, when you look out for the best dog food, you need to decide on fresh, dry, or tinned varieties. Under this section, you have options like dry, wet, or fresh meat

Freshpet Meat

This food variety comprises of meat and comes in the form of rolls and steaks. You can go with any of these options to offer a great meal to your dog.

Tinned Food

Tinned food can be found easily in the market. It arrives in a wide range of ingredients. Here, you need to make sure the food is tagged with balanced and complete tag.

Dry Food

Dry dog food is well formulated and low mess. It is also the popular option as most pet owners like to go with. Just like wet foods, dry foods are also nutritious and fresh. However, you need to make sure that your dog drinks enough water when you go for a dry-food diet. Otherwise, canned food works nice.

Overall, the best thing is to offer a combination of fresh meats, dry, and tinned foods. Not just it offers variety but also ensures optimal nutrition. So, go with a high-quality diet according to their health and age.

So, choose Freshpet Dog Food for providing the best to your pets. It comprises of no meat meals, preservatives, or other dubious ingredients. The company packages dry food with freshness, where you will find chunks of fresh vegetables. Due to its freshness, it is a safe option for your pet. Hence, Freshpet Dog Food is very high-quality option to go with when it comes to dog food!


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