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Looking for a professional line of food for your dog? We think we might be able to help you here. Recommended by many veterinarians, Gentle Giant Dog Food might be able to provide your pet with the wholesome diet that it always needed. Loving your pet is not all you can do. Giving them proper care in terms of food is necessary. Gentle Giant Dog Food will be able to do that for you. Keep reading for more details about the brand.

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Gentle Giant Dog Food

Background of Gentle Giant Dog Food

The well-known actor Burt Ward created this brand because of his love for dogs. He has been associated with adoption centers that rescue dogs and help them to find a suitable home. He decided to open a food chain that will take care of the nutrition of dogs in the best way possible. Burt’s aim was to make the lives of dogs healthier and better and in turn, make their owners happy. In the year 2008, Gentle Giant Dog Food was launched with a variety of products.

The foods at Gentle Giant Dog Food are free of gluten, soy, wheat, or corn. Any kind of superficial flavors or colors are not permitted to be added to the foods at Gentle Giant Dog Food. Since the time of its inception, Gentle Giant Dog Food has worked towards creating a healthy living for dogs and extending their life span. They have successfully managed to do so if we look at the loyalty of their customers.

Why choose Gentle Giant Dog Food?

The reasons you should choose Gentle Giant Dog Food for your own pet are multiple. We will just try to list the best of the lot so that you can judge for yourself. Without any added fat, the foods at Gentle Giant Dog Food are known to regulate blood sugar.

The carbohydrates that are present are known to be easy to digest which will make the bowel movements of your dog easy. So, unhealthy carbohydrates that are present in potatoes, peas, etc, are totally avoided. This leads to decreasing the chances of heart problems in your pet. Both dry and wet/canned foods are available as options at Gentle Giant Dog Food. Depending on what your pet prefers, you can choose from a long list of products.

For people who have pets, surely they also stand against animal cruelty. Gentle Giant Dog Food is one such brand that testifies to being against animal cruelty or indulging in any kind of testing on animals. They have shelter for dogs where a huge number of dogs are fed, and taken care of. As a company that is producing dog food and also standing against cruelty on animals, the work ethic at Gentle Giant Dog Food is really commendable.

Main ingredients

The foods of this brand are great to be carried for traveling. This is because they are non-greasy in comparison with many other dog food brands. The main reason for this is that the fat content in low in these recipes. Instead, they replace fats with more nutrition which means that these meals are a better choice for your dog.

The ingredients are all non-GMO and chosen from sources which provide high quality. Vitamic C, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene are specially added to the foods at Gentle Giant Dog Food. Let us now see the primary ingredients:

Animal protein

Beef, Turkey, Eggs, Salmon, and Chicken are the main options for the animal protein that meals at Gentle Giant Dog Food have. All of these ingredients come in the form of different recipes.


To include the goodness of fibers and vegetable proteins, Gentle Giant Dog Food makes a formula of a ten vegetable pomace. Dandelion greens, parsley, etc are also a part of this formula for meals that have vegetables.


The nutrients in Gentle Giant Dog Food cannot be replaced. This is recognized by Gentle Giant Dog Food. So, pumpkin, cranberries, apples, blueberries, etc are very much a part of their food formulas.


Oatmeal, brown rice, flaxseed, peraled barley, etc, are rich in minerals and vitamins. They also have a lot of fiber which renders them beneficial for immunity. Gentle Giant Dog Food, therefore, includes such grains in their dog food recipes.

Which recipe is the best?

Speaking from an objective point of view, we cannot determine one single recipe that is the best out of all. The nutritional value and the wholesomeness of every recipe if different. However, we do confess that we have a few favorites. Our parameters in judging them was solely the food value. Let us check out some of them:

Beef Canned Food

The Beef included in this recipe are raised organically and glucosamine in the recipe makes the skin of your dog better. No artificial calories are present and the taste is also loved by dogs. Also, no hormones are a part of this recipe that used green-lipped mussels which give your dog omega fatty acids.

Chicken Canned Food

Chickpeas, Chicken, and sweet potato are the central ingredients of this recipe. Omega fatty acids in this meal enhance the coat of your dog and there is a perfect balance between carbohydrates and proteins.

Kibble Chicken Recipe

The chickens that provide meat for this meal are all raised healthily on farms. Vegetable and fruits are also a part of this meal. This creates immunity in your dog irrespective of whatever breed or size they are.

Overall, be it in terms of flavor, nutrition, or variety, Gentle Giant Dog Food products are a great choice. They might appear to be a bit on the expensive side but they will surely be a thoughtful investment. If your dog has allergies or is sensitive to any food, then too Gentle Giant Dog Food is a safe option. Safety and nutrition are both given to you in one package. So without much ado, check out their entire range of products online and order one for your lovely pet right away!


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