Meaty Bone

It is time to skip the usual dry bones and opt for the satisfying and bold Meaty Bone treats for dogs. Certainly, your pet is really going to thank you for this! Meaty Bone dog treats offer a meaty taste that every dog craves for. These bones come with a discrete natural smoky beef flavor, which drives dogs wild. They offer a crunchy texture that assists in removing tartar from the dog’s teeth as they take a bite. Meaty Bone is a perfect choice to decelerate the tooth decay in dogs.

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Meaty Bone Medium Dog Snacks, 64-Ounce
191 Reviews
Meaty Bone Medium Dog Snacks, 64-Ounce
  • Contains 1 - 64 Ounce Box
  • Basted With Beefy Flavor Dogs Crave
  • Crunchy Texture Helps Clean Teeth With Every Bite
  • Great For Dogs Of All Ages, From Puppies To Adults
  • Made In The U.S.A.
Bestseller No. 2
Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits, Large, 64 Ounce by Meaty Bone (2 Box)
34 Reviews
Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits, Large, 64 Ounce by Meaty Bone (2 Box)
  • This pack contains TWO (2) BOX of 64 Ounces - Large - Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits
  • For large dogs 50-100 lbs
  • Crunchy texture helps clean teeths
  • Your dog will love the smoky beef flavor
Bestseller No. 3
Meaty Bone Dog Treats, Medium Dogs, 22.5 Oz (Pack Of 6)
11 Reviews
Meaty Bone Dog Treats, Medium Dogs, 22.5 Oz (Pack Of 6)
  • Contains 6 - 22.5 Oz Boxes
  • Cleans Teeth With Every Bite
  • Crunchy Texture
  • Baked-In Meaty Flavor
  • Made In The U.S.A
Bestseller No. 4
Meaty Bone Medium Dog Snacks, 64-Ounce, Pack of 2 Boxes (128oz Total)
12 Reviews
Meaty Bone Medium Dog Snacks, 64-Ounce, Pack of 2 Boxes (128oz Total)
  • Basted with beefy flavor dogs crave
  • Crunchy texture helps clean teeth with every bite
  • Great for dogs of all ages, from puppies to adults
Bestseller No. 5
Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits, Large, 64 Ounce
89 Reviews
Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits, Large, 64 Ounce
  • Contains 1 - 64 Ounce Box
  • Dogs Of All Sizes Can Savor The Bold Meaty Satisfaction Of Meaty Bone
Bestseller No. 6
K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Dog Bones Made in USA for Large Breed Aggressive Chewers All Natural Long Lasting Meaty Mammoth Marrow Filled Bone Chew Treat Best for Dogs Over 50 Pounds - 1 Pack
  • JUST ONE INGREDIENT - No hard to pronounce ingredients, or questionable sourcing
  • ALL NATURAL - No preservatives, no artificial flavoring, makes for a doggone good treat
  • LOCALLY SOURCED - Made only from grass-fed cattle born and raised in America
  • GFSI CERTIFIED - Produced with human grade food standards to ensure your fur-baby receives the best
  • SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR A CAUSE - We're rallying a Militia to rescue 10,000 K9s from euthanization by 2023
Bestseller No. 7
Meaty Bone Small Dog Snacks, 22.5 Oz (Pack Of 6)
3 Reviews
Meaty Bone Small Dog Snacks, 22.5 Oz (Pack Of 6)
  • Contains 6 - 22.5 Oz Boxes
  • Cleans Teeth With Every Bite
  • Crunchy Texture
  • Baked-In Meaty Flavor
  • Made In The U.S.A
Bestseller No. 8
Meaty Bone Small Bone - 22.5 oz
10 Reviews
Bestseller No. 9
Jack & Pup Premium Grade Roasted Meaty Beef Shin Bone Dog Treats (3 Pack) – 11” Long Lasting All Natural Gourmet & Healthy Dog Bone Treat Chews – Savory Smoked Beef Flavor
428 Reviews
Jack & Pup Premium Grade Roasted Meaty Beef Shin Bone Dog Treats (3 Pack) – 11” Long Lasting All Natural Gourmet & Healthy Dog Bone Treat Chews – Savory Smoked Beef Flavor
  • SLOW ROASTED RICH MEATY FLAVOR – Jack&Pup Beef Shin Bone dog treats are slowly roasted to perfection, then naturally smoked along with pieces of tendon and meat, to enhance its flavor and provide a hearty and savory meaty dog treat. Bones are full with delicious calcium rich marrow; guaranteed to satisfy even the most aggressive chewers. Your canine will be entertained for many hours, chewing away on these irresistible shin dog bone treats and enjoying its’ delicious flavor!
  • 100% NATURAL & HEALTHY – Great source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and manganese); helps boost energy, and helps maintain a healthy body and immune system.
  • TOP QUALITY – Sourced from grass fed, free range cattle, and raised without any added hormones or antibiotics, resulting in a healthier and better tasting treat. Processed in a USDA Human Grade Certified and Inspected facility. Each Beef Shin Dog Bone Treat is handpicked and inspected to ensure quality and perfect consistency. Naturally odor free, without the use of any preservatives or chemicals.
  • 100% DIGESTIBLE & SAFE – Guaranteed to be fully digestible and guaranteed not to cause any side-effects. Jack&Pup Beef Shin Bones Dog Treats are a natural, protein-rich, one-ingredient dog chew treat, without any additives or artificial ingredients. Our careful and natural preparation of the beef shin dog bone treats effectively eliminates all bacteria and contaminates; making its’ consumption fully safe.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY TEETH, GUMS & JAWS – By ensuring its’ consistently perfect texture and thickness, Jack&Pup Beef Shin Bone Dog Treats helps keep the dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Effectively removes tartar build-up and plaque, and strengthens gums and jaws. / Perfect for medium and large dogs.
Bestseller No. 10
Pet 'n Shape Beef Bone Treat - Made & Sourced in The USA - All Natural Dog Chewz, Large, 2 Count
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A - Pet 'n Shape Bones and Chews are proudly Made and Sourced in the USA. Each bone is carefully roasted to ensure optimal quality and flavor. All the Bones and Chews contain no artificial additives, colors, or preservatives and contain no wheat, corn, and soy.

  • TREAT TIME - The perfect treat for medium to large-sized dogs, this pack of meaty bones from Pet 'n Shape are an irresistible natural chew for dogs that can help clean teeth and exercise jaw muscles.

  • DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS - Each highly nutritious treat is completely digestible and is carefully roasted to ensure optimal quality and flavor to provide your dog with a natural and healthy snack. 

  • DIRECTIONS - Supervise pet when giving bones and chews. Discard chunks or fragments. Chew should be larger than dog's mouth. Store in cool, dry place. Not intended for human consumption.

  • 100% NATURAL - Contains no artificial colors, additives, or preservatives and are free of any wheat, corn, and soy. Each bone is high in protein and helps satisfy your dog’s desire to chew.

Meaty Bone

About Meaty Bone

Meaty Bone is an American company that manufactures dog foods. It offers a product line of two kinds of dog treats or biscuits. These product lines include Meaty Bone dog biscuits and Meaty Bone Chew-lotta. Initially, the company was owned by Big Hearts Pet Brands. Later on, Del Monte bought this company. In 2005, the J.M. Smucker Company got hold of the Big Hearts Pet Brands Company.

Meaty Bone introduces its products as the first dog biscuits, which are made with real meat. In addition to this, the company says that these biscuits offer a delicious coating on the outside of real meat, while insides are filled up with a crunchy hard biscuit. It claims that these biscuits help dogs in keeping their teeth strong and clean.

On the other hand, Meaty Bone dog biscuits are really effective at lessening tartar buildup in dogs by up to 40 percent than other products in the market.


Why should you go with Meaty Bone?

Meaty Bone is a well-known brand in the dog food industry. This company manufactures dog snacks for pets of all ages. Meaty Bone produces quality dog treats, which are made in the United States. These dog foods are really good for improving dental health in dogs. There are various other reasons why you should go with Meaty Bone. So, know about some of the important reasons right below:


1. Quality

Meaty Bone dog treats are manufactured in the United States. Hence, there is nothing to worry when it comes to quality. As of now, there are not any recalls against the products from Meaty Bone. So, Meaty Bone is an ideal brand to go with.


2. Promote Dental Health

Meaty Bone helps to promote dental health in your dog. When your pet chews these bones, this helps to clean their teeth and gums. These bones help your pet to chew mindfully while offering them mental stimulation.

Meaty Bone treats are even known to get rid of the accumulated plague. Eventually, your dog’s dental health will get better as chewing on bones directs cleansing of gums and stronger teeth. With Meaty Bone, your dogs receive a great dental workout due to stretching, pulling, tearing, and gnawing.


3. Natural Bone

Meaty Bone dog treats comprise of the natural and meat-coated femur from free-range and grass-fed cattle. These bones are made with real meat and no added flavors. With Meaty Bone, there are no chances of your dog to get hurt as theses bones are both hard and soft. Hence, your lovely pets will not experience any teeth fracture while chewing these bones.


4. Long-lasting

These dog treats from the Meaty Bone Company lasts for a longer period of time. This is a true fact even for aggressive or regular chewers. On the other hand, these dog treats help in optimizing the dog’s appetite. Hence, you can save your dog from overeating and consuming too many calories. Moreover, Meaty Bone treats deliver lots of beneficial nutrients such as calcium phosphate. These nutrients help in building up the skeletal system in dogs. So, what can be best than this!


What are all the ingredients in Meaty Bone dog treats?

When it comes to ingredients, Meaty Bone comprises of real meat including beef. Meaty Bone Dog Treats are packed with lots of ingredients and nutrients such as beef, ground wheat, animal fat, grain sorghum, meat and bone meal, meat by-products, cracked wheat, salt, caramel color, animal plasma, folic acid, potassium sorbate, natural smoke flavor, biotin, red 40, and lots of minerals and vitamins.

Moreover, Meaty Bone dog treats consist of crude protein by 11%, crude fat by 5%, crude fiber by 4.5 %, and moisture by 12%. These dog treats offer a calorie content of about 30 kilocalories each treat. Meanwhile, dogs find these treats very appealing and tasty. Plus, Meaty Bone treats are really easy to digest.


How to feed Meaty Bone Dog Treats to dogs?

The best thing about Meaty Bone Dog Treats is that you can feed these treats to all dogs irrespective of their age and size. These dog biscuits are designed especially as a treat or snack for pets of all ages. When it comes to feeding these dog treats, there is nothing much you need to do.

Just open the bag of Meaty Bone dog treats, offer some biscuits to your pet, and that’s it! Meaty Bone dog treats come in various sizes and packs. So, choose the appropriate size depending on your requirements and preferences.

Meaty Bone biscuits are perfect for all dogs from puppies to the adult ones. If you have more than one canine friend, these treats are the best option for you. Here, you do not have to buy special treats for your dogs on a separate basis.

However, these dog treats do not supplement for the whole diet for your dog. These are just treats that you can offer between meals or so. Definitely, your pet is going to love these bones coated with roasted meat on the top.

Now, all you need to do is to shop for these delicious and yummy treats from the Meaty Bone Company for your precious pets. You can buy these Meaty Bone dog biscuits from any nearby pet store. Otherwise, you can choose for these snacks online while choosing your favorite pack. Now, stop your dogs from chewing dry bones and offer them something as good as Meaty Bone dog treats.

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