Best Nature’s Variety Dog Treats in 2020 – Top Products Reviewed


When it comes to nutritional value and quality, nothing can be as good as Nature’s Variety. However, this brand is not the oldest one in the dog food industry but certainly the best of all. As its name suggests, Nature’s Variety makes use of the quality ingredient that nature offers. Also, this dog food company comes with the most diverse product lineups. Despite dozens and dozens of recipes, Nature’s Variety does not compromise in terms of its products. Each and every recipe comes with high-quality protein, which is manufactured to deliver unique flavor and balanced nutrition. No matter what you select, Nature’s Variety will be a great choice.

 Best Nature’s Variety Dog Treats

Nature’s Variety Dog Treats


About Nature’s Variety


Nature’s Variety, a dog food brand, falls under the company, Nature’s Variety Inc. Bob Milligan founded this company, where the first product from Nature’s Variety smashed pet stores in 2002. Catterton Partners, an investment firm, backs up this dog food brand. Being a privately-held enterprise, Nature’s Variety produces its dog products in various facilities in the United States.

The company has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. This U.S.-based company manufactures and produces their dog products solely in the United States. Its manufacturing units are situated in Lincoln, Nebraska to produce grain-free, holistic, and classic dog foods. Not just that, but this company employs experts including animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians to design their unique products.

Nature’s Variety uses high-quality ingredients for their dog food products. The ingredients for Raw Frozen and Instinct Raw products come from the USDA-approved facilities. On the other hand, they get the poultry and pork for their Nature’s Variety products from the United States. However, they receive some of the venison, lamb, and beef from New Zealand and Australia. Also, the rabbit for Nature’s Variety arrives from France and Italy. So, you only get premium ingredients with Nature’s Variety.


What all does Nature’s Variety Company offer?

Nature’s Variety is not famous just for the product’s quality but also for its diverse variety. The company has divided its product lines into two, namely Prairie and Instinct. The product line of Prairie comprises of wet and dry food recipes that are manufactured with natural and simple ingredients such as whole grains, fresh vegetable, fresh meat, and fresh fruits. The Instinct product line includes a diverse range of products like canned food, traditional kibble, freeze-dried foods, high-protein formulas, and raw frozen recipes.

Here’s a list of dry dog treats from Nature’s Variety.


Prairie Dry Dog Food

Under this category, you can choose your dog’s favorite flavor from options like Salmon, Beef, Lamb, and Chicken. This product line is great for all dogs of different breeds and sizes.


Instinct Raw Boost Kibble

Nature’s Variety offers various recipes to meet different taste profiles of your pets. Such products include Chicken Formula, Beef & Lamb Meal Formula, Healthy Weight Chicken Meal, Duck & Turkey Formula, Lamb & Salmon, and Venison & Lamb. All of these products are available for all dog breeds and sizes such as puppy, large breed, adult, toy breed, senior, and adult.


Instinct Originals Dry Food

Here, you can go with options like Rabbit Meal Formula, Duck & Turkey, Beef & Lamb, Salmon Meal Formula, and Chicken Meal Formula. One can even go with these delicious recipes with limited ingredient diets.

In addition to dry food products, Nature’s Variety also proffers various recipes for wet or canned food. Here, you enjoy seven wet recipes from the Prairie range and more than a dozen from the Instinct range.


Prairie Home-style Wet Food

Dogs love these home-style recipes the most. These recipes comprise of stews like Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Turkey & Duck, Pork & Sweet Potato, Salmon, and Beef & Bison.


Instinct Originals Wet Food

This Instinct Originals product line has a lot to offer. These products comprise of real meat products and nothing more. Here, pet lovers can buy recipes with 95% of ingredients like Venison, Salmon, Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Rabbit, and Beef. There are other options like Healthy Cravings Chicken Recipe in Savory Gravy, GF Salmon Formula, GF Chicken Formula, and Healthy Cravings Beef Recipe in Savory Gravy.


Instinct Ultimate Protein Recipes

These dog treats are designed especially for working and active dogs. Chicken Formula and Beef Formula are two varieties from this high-protein range.


Instinct LID Recipes

Nature’s Variety even offers wet food recipes in the limited ingredient diet range. These products come in your pet’s favorite flavors like rabbit, duck, turkey, and lamb. This product line is designed especially for dogs with allergies and food intolerances.

Apart from these categories, there are other product lines available like Instinct Original Dog Treats, Instinct Raw Boost Treats, Prairie Oven-Baked Biscuits, Nature’s Variety Dog Treats, Instinct Raw Boost Mixers, Instinct Raw Market Freeze-Dried Recipes, Nature’s Variety Raw Food, and Instinct Raw Frozen Recipes.


Why choose Nature’s Variety?

The Nature’s Variety Company is really passionate about giving holistic and natural nutrition for pets. Their products are 100% free of soy, wheat, artificial flavors or colors, corn, and chemical preservatives. Your dog will find these dog treats very delicious and tasty. The top five ingredients you will find in Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diet Chicken are Turkey Heart, Chicken, Yeast Culture, Pumpkin Seeds, and Turkey Liver.

Here, Chicken is a great protein source with 79 percent bioavailability. It even includes ground chicken bones, which are softer than the cooked ones. Turkey heart and Turkey liver are also good sources of protein along with other essential nutrients. Pumpkin seeds comprise of various minerals and vitamins and also a good source of dietary fiber.

Apart from these ingredients, there are other notable contents like cod liver oil, dried chicory root, dried kelp, montmorillonite clay, and fresh fruits vegetables and fruits.

So, Nature’s Variety sounds an excellent option for pet owners who like to give something healthy to their pets. Select your dog’s favorite product from their diverse range of products. Grab these products for your lovely pet if you like to feed them delicious yet healthy treats.



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