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Squishing your cat and loving it all you want is what every cat owner does. But have you paid enough attention to what your cat eats? If you have been giving home cooked food to your cat then you should know that it might not be enough. This is because cats have a different body than humans and they have certain specific nutritional needs too which only cat food can give. With a huge variety of option in the market, it is only natural for you to get confused. This post on Nulo Cat Food will tell you more about the brand.

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Nulo Cat Food

About Nulo

Nulo has not been in the pet industry for a long time but they have created their own popularity with good service. In 2009 Michael Landa and Brett Montana established the company. Earlier they used to be partners in business related to pets. They later decided to set up their own company when they found out the amount of harmful substances that go into a lot of readymade pet food.

The company is owned independently and is located in the United States of America. The facilities of the brand are located in South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska. The quality control at the facilities is great because they are constantly evaluated. The brand is based in Texas and is committed to making great quality pet food with the choicest of ingredients.

Food control departments like The Food and Drug Administration, the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and the United States Department of Agriculture have all approved of the factories operated by Nulo.


Sourcing of Nulo Cat Food

The ingredients that Nulo uses come from various places located across the globe. France, North America, and New Zealand are the countries that provide most of the poultry, meat, and fish that Nulo uses in its cat food.

The vitamins and the ingredients that come from plants are brought in from North America and some other areas. Before any of these ingredients are used in the products of Nulo, there is a strict quality testing done. Plus, they also check their ingredients whether they are safe to be used on cats or not. Some of the wet food and purees that Nulo makes are mostly manufactured at a factory that the brand owns in Thailand.


Why your cat needs proper nutrition?

As they say, prevention is better than cure. If you make sure that your cat is getting the adequate nutrition it needs, then your cat will be much healthier. Any kind of chronic health issues will also not affect your cat a lot. If your cat has an injury or is suffering from some illness, then the recovery will be faster if the nutrition of the cat is proper.

It has been seen that cats that get proper nutrition are more active, have a long life, and maintain a healthy body weight.


Characteristics of Nulo Cat food

There are some distinctive characteristics that Nulo Cat Food has which make it different from a lot of other brands. Let us see what they are:


High protein content

The protein content in Nulo Cat food is taken from fresh meat that comes from various animals. Since animal meat has the highest proteins, your cat will stay strong and fit. But with this comes the problem of carbs and fat. Nulo makes sure that there are not an excess of carbs in the meals. Your cat will not have problems like osteoarthritis, kidney problems, respiratory issues, etc, if it eats Nulo cat Food.


Grain free

Most cats are allergic to grains. In fact grains are not typically the ingredient that you would want in the diet of your cat. Nulo offers your cat such recipes that do not contain white potatoes, artificial coloring and flavors, soy, and tapioca.


Sized well

The kibbles or dry food that cat food companies provide, are often inconvenient for the cats. This is because, often they are in big sizes that cats find difficult to chew and bite. Nulo gives you perfectly sized kibbles which also have options in various sizes. According to the age and size of your kitty, you can choose the dry food that you want.


Product lines

The products of Nulo are divided into many lines which include Perfect Purees, Nulo Freestyle, Nulo Medalseries, Nulo’s Limited ingredient Diet. All of them have their own special benefits and you can choose any product according to the needs of your cat.


Why choose Nulo?

Every company has a few selling points which attract customers and make them loyal to the brand. The best factors about Nulo Cat Food are:

  1. The work ethic of Nulo is commendable because they work towards a sustainable development and production of pet food. The farmers involved raise animals that are free-range and include chickens, cows, freshly caught fish, and turkey.
  2. No artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals, grains, synthetic products, by products, etc are used in the making of Nulo Cat Food.
  3. Cat Food by Nulo has probiotics that are patented which lead to a strong immunity in cats and also help in the digestion process.
  4. The carbohydrates used in Nulo Cat Food comes under a low glycemic index which include food like chickpeas, sweet potatoes, etc.
  5. The fats used are healthy, protein is animal based which leads to a balance in the diet of your cat.
  6. The customer service at Nulo is great.
  7. There is a great variety of the products by Nulo.
  8. Nulo has been highly rated in determining the appropriate species and making food according to that.
  9. The price of Nulo products are good because it is value for money.
  10. The quality control is maintained strictly.
  11. There have been no recall history of the products of Nulo.

If you decide to by Nolu Cat Food, then you can place an order online. A lot of online platforms sell Nulo Cat Food. Or else, you could even find Nulo products at your nearest pet store.

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