Nylabone is a well-known brand that is wholly committed to producing reliable healthy edibles and dog chews. Dog toys from Nylabone are manufactured to prevent anxiety and destructive behavior. They even strengthen the teeth of your pet. Not just that, but Nylabone also creates delicious and natural treats that last longer for chewing pets. So, go for these Nylabone toys, which are edible in nature. Plus, inedible varieties of toys are also available. Go for what you find the best for your canine friend from Nylabone!

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History of the Nylabone Company


The Nylabone Company is a family-founded enterprise, which distributes and manufactures dog toys, bones, and chews for pets. This dog food company was established in 1955 with a heritage of expertise and knowledge as the largest petbook publisher in the world. Since then, it has been manufacturing dental solutions for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and shapes. Its headquarters is situated in Neptune City, New Jersey.

As pet parents themselves, they believe that every dog is unique and their needs as well. That’s why they produce a huge range of chewing products in shapes, textures, sizes, and flavors for dogs according to their chewing strength. So, there is a Nylabone for every motive to chew.

Their veterinarian-recommended edible treats, dental products, and chew toys promote great dental hygiene. Along with that, they keep your canine friend occupied and entertained. These toys even reduce stress and discourage destructive chewing. In other words, chews from the Nylabone are the best.


What are Nylabone toys made of?

As stated above, Nylabone produces both edible and inedible kinds of pet toys. Here, ingredients are different in these two varieties of dog toys due to the intended reason. So, let’s take a look at what each variety is made of!


1. Nylabone Healthy Chew Toys

These dog toys are edible and hence, safe for consumption. Here, ingredients vary from variety to variety just like other dog treats. You can expect carbs, proteins, minerals, flavorings, fruits, and what not. Before settling on a product, make sure to read all the ingredients on the pack.


2. Nylabone Inedible Toys

Generally, these toys are made up of plastic, rubber, or nylon. As these toys are not edible, they are dangerous if your pet ingests them, it could be dangerous.

So, these toys are just for chewing purposes and not for consumption. When you decide to buy one, pick up the right size for your dog.


Different Kinds of Nylabone Chew Toys


With all the diverse chewing styles and sizes available, selecting the right product could be overwhelming. So, get a Nylabone toy for your dog using the following guide.


Puppy Chews

If you own a puppy, this chew toy is perfect for your canine friend. This stage is crucial to teach chewing habits to your puppy. A puppy makes use of his mouth to play, explore surroundings, and relieve discomfort from teething. Choosing a Nylabone chew toy makes sure your puppy enjoys a fun time and learns the art of chewing on perfectly.


Moderate Chews

 Every dog has a natural instinct to gnaw. Here, some dogs are more enthusiastic than other fellows. Moderate chews are really good for dogs that like to chew moderately once in a while. These chews are made of flexible and softer materials to ensure a safe chewing experience. Additionally, these bones prevent destructive chewing and clean teeth.


Strong Chews

These chews are stronger than the above-mentioned ones. Strong chews from the Nylabone Company are good for dogs that have a stronger chew habit. They are manufactured with natural and tough rubber. These bones are a slight flexible while offering a nice grip for dogs to hold them with quite an ease. Nylabone strong chews come in different shapes, flavors, and textures.

These chewing toys make a perfect pastime for pets who like to enjoy a great chewing session. They are even great for preventing destructive chewing and cleaning teeth.


Power Chews

Nylabone power chews are the premium long-lasting treats for core chewers. These bones are durable and reliable due to a strong nylon-built. They are designed especially for intense sessions of chewing. In addition to this, these power chews come in lots of different shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors.

So, there is a bone from Nylabone for every type of dog. These chewing toys offer an independent and safe activity, which simultaneously puts an end to destructive chewing and cleans teeth of your lovely dogs.


What factors to consider for Nylabones?


When it comes to picking up the perfect chew treat, you need to bear some factors in mind. Nylabone offers a wide range of chew toys in all sizes and shapes. After knowing about the different types of Nylabone toys, it is time to know what factors you need to consider while buying one for your dog. So, let’s get started!


1. Size

Nylabone edible and inedible toys come in various sizes. So, make sure that you go with the right size of a chewing toy depending on your dog’s breed and size.


2. Strength

It is another factor that you need to look after. You should even consider the chewing strength of your pup. Take a look at your dog’s size and breed.


3. Chewing Personality

While deciding on a chew toy, you need to take into consideration your dog’s chewing personality. According to that, you have to purchase a right-sized and right-shaped toy.


For pets, the desire to gnaw comes naturally. On the other hand, their self-soothing and playing habits also determine their chewing habits. Here, you need to make sure that your canine friend has a lovely and safe chew toy.

Nylabone products are designed especially for this particular task along with offering rich flavors that pets love. These toys can stand up to the gnawing abilities of your dog due to its tough material.

Naturally, all dogs have different chewing aggression. Keeping that in mind, Nylabone has created something for every dog. So, take a chance and give Nylabone’s innovative dog toys and treats a try.





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