Best Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats in 2020 – Top Products Reviewed

We often like to pamper our dogs by offering them treats. However, it is important to make sure that you give them appropriate treats, which do not upset their whole diet or cause obesity. But with the right kind of dog treat, you can spoil your pet without much concern. Here, you will learn about some of the best dog treats from the Old Mother Hubbard Company.

 Best Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats

About the Old Mother Hubbard

The Old Mother Hubbard Company came into being in 1873, which makes them the oldest dog food company. The Hubbard & Son Bakery launched this dog food company in Gloucester, MA. Initially, the Old Mother Hubbard Company came up with biscuits for fishermen as a nibble. In 1926, Old Mother Hubbard started to specialize in oven-baked and all-natural dog treats. Since then, the company has been creating oven-baked dog treats for lovely dogs all around the world.

In 1961, Sr. Jim Scott purchased this dog food company. Ultimately, the headquarters of this company shifted to Lowell, MA. After that, Wellness product lines came into being. In 2008, the Berwind Corporation purchased both Wellness Natural Pet Food and Old Mother Hubbard Natural Dog Treats for around $400 million. Later on, the company came together with Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food so as to shape WellPet LLC.

Now, this dog food company is a unit of WellPet, which is a huge network of dog food brands. The same name is behind various other well-known brands like Holistic Select, Wellness, and Eagle Pack. Its headquarters is located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. WellPet concluded its first phase of the expansion venture on its unit in Mishawaka, Indiana in 2012. This step doubled and modernized its production capacity, where they can manufacture most of their pet products.


Old Mother Hubbard’s Product Line

The Old Mother Hubbard Company offers a wide range of products that are admired by most pets. So, let’s have a look at some of the great options available from this dog food brand. The best part is that their products come in various different sizes like mini, small, and large treats. Here, you get everything for every breed size whether you own a large breed or small one.

In addition to this, Old Mother Hubbard products come in various sized boxes. If you are new to this dog food brand, you can go with smaller packs in 20-ounce bags. Meanwhile, bigger boxes weigh around 3.5 pounds and larger boxes about 20 pounds. Go with the largest pack if you need to stock up. The large-sized pack offers the best value for money. It is best for pet owners who know what their dog prefers. So once you know this, pick up the larger supply without facing any trouble.

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats stay fresh and nice for quite a long period of time. However, you need to make sure that you keep these treats in airtight containers or at least keep the box tightly shut when you do not treat your canine friend.

In terms of flavors, Old Mother Hubbard offers a wide range of options. Here, we have listed a breakdown of all flavors and what these flavors actually comprise of. So, let’s get familiar with the Old Mother Hubbard flavors!


  • Liv’R’Crunch: Eggs, Liver, Carrots, and Apples.
  • P-Nuttier: Molasses, Peanut Butter, Carrots, and Apples.
  • Char-Tar: Carrots, Apples, and Eggs.
  • Bac’N’Cheez: Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Carrots, and Apples.
  • Chick’n’Apples: Apples, Carrots, and Chicken.
  • Just Vegg’n: Sweet Potatoes, Parsley, Apples, and Carrots.


The Old Mother Hubbard Company also offers a puppy-specific diet that comes with extra minerals and vitamins. This chicken-flavored formula is perfect for the healthy development of your puppy. Eventually, there is also an assorted variety that offers a wide selection of some well-known flavors. These dog treats are great for dogs to offer several added variety. They even help you to find out favorites of your dog.

Old Mother Hubbard Fruit-Ins treats are another amazing option. These treats come in two distinct flavor choices such as bacon, apple, and honey or blueberries, oatmeal, and honey. The interesting feature about these snacks is their duo-layer. Here, the outside offers a crunchy texture while the inside follows up with fruity and softer fillings. So, your dog will definitely find these dog treats satisfying and enjoyable.


What are the major ingredients in Old Mother Hubbard treats?

Generally, the ingredients in Old Mother Hubbard dog treats are natural, where you would not find any preservatives or unwanted additives. Meanwhile, the ingredients do vary based on the flavor you go for. But, there is a universal theme that centers on making use of natural ingredients.  That’s the reason Old Mother Hubbard treats are free from artificial additives.

Additionally, these dog treats are oven-baked, which keeps them fresh and healthy. The company offers lots of textures from crunchy to chewy and soft. So, there is something for every dog out there. In most Old Mother Hubbard treats, you will spot wheat bran, oatmeal, and whole wheat flour. This signifies that these dog treats are the carbohydrate-based ones.

In terms of nutritional analysis, these treats comprise 11% moisture, 5.5% fiber, 7% crude fat, and 12% protein. Nonetheless, these numbers can vary depending on the flavor you opt for. When it comes to calories, you can check the package label of a specific box. To give some idea, the large pack provides 138 kcal each piece, the small pack gives 33 kcal a piece, and the mini pack offers 8 kcal each piece.

The Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats will not cause any dietary issue in dogs if you offer these treats occasionally. These treats are cost-effective and quite tasty, which dogs love the most. Pet owners can use these dog treats as a reward for training or for just spoiling your canine friend. Old Mother Hubbard offers great dog treats that work perfectly as an alternative to treat your dog when they beg for whatever you eat.




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