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Cleaning up the poop of your pooch is an inevitable part of dog ownership. If you own a dog, you know that your pooch will poop in public places, for which you will have to scoop and stoop at regular intervals. If you are not too fond of the idea of using your hand and plastic bag to pick up after your pet, then a dog pooper scooper might just be the best tool for you!

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Pooper Scooper

Why should you purchase a dog pooper scooper?

A pooper scooper is quite an ideal choice for anyone that owns a dog and a yard. Thanks to its ability to hold multiple piles of poop with ease, a scooper is a popular choice among dog owners since you can clean up after a couple of days instead of after every bathroom break. Pooper scoopers are also handy for reducing the amount of plastic bags that are used to clean up poop, thereby making a small difference towards the betterment of the planet.

Dog pooper scoopers are also a great choice for people with limited range of motion or mobility issues because the long handles allow the owners to pick up without having to bend over. Additionally, there are many spring-loaded scooper models in the market that can be operated easily by one hand.


What should you look for in an ideal pooper scooper?

Some points you need to consider while looking for a pooper scooper are:



The most important consideration you need to remember while looking for a scooper is the style. There are primarily two types of pooper scoopers – bin and rake scoopers and jaw clamp scoopers. Both types of scoopers come with their individual sets of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a jaw clamp scooper is more lightweight than a bin and rake one, whereas the latter has more holding capacity than the former.


Adjustable handles

If you are suffering from back pain or other mobility issues, then you would want the handles to be long enough so that you do not have to bend over. In cases like these, you need to look for pooper scoopers that are fitted with adjustable handles that can make poop cleaning a painless experience.



One other important consideration that you need to remember is the weight of the pooper scooper. If you are planning on clearing a large pile of poop, you need to pick a system that is light, or else you will tire easily with a heavy scooper. Look for models that are labeled ergonomic or lightweight. While most come in plastic variant, there are metal versions as well like lightweight aluminum.


What are some of the best dog pooper scoopers in the market today?

Some of the best dog pooper scoopers you can purchase are:


Arm and Hammer Pooper Scooper

Arm and Hammer’s pet waste removal system can be seen as the present version of the original poop scoop design that was prevalent in the early 20th century. This scooper features a swiveling bin that allows you to scoop your pooch’s poop without spilling any. A rake is also included in the system for removing fecal waste more easily.

Fitted with a pole connector, the pooper scooper secures the bin’s rake and handle for ease of storage. Overall, the length of the system is 32-inches, which helps in cleaning up without breaking your back. Thanks to the hard-wearing rake system and large capacity of the bin, it is definitely one of the best scoopers in the market today.


Dogit Jawz Pooper Scooper

This pooper scooper by Dogit Jawz is another poop cleaning system that is popular in most online retail platforms. The one-handed system has a very lightweight yet robust design. The scoop and rake system of Dogit Jawz scooper beats most other products with similar designs and is quite strong and robust as well.

Once you begin using the product, it will feel like you are using a heavy excavator that is gifted with poop scooping powers. This heavy-duty system is fitted with serrated teeth that scoop fecal matter on uneven surfaces like grass and gravel. The mechanism is spring loaded, thereby making the gadget more efficient and easier to use.


Petmate Pooper Scooper System

This clean response waste management system by Petmate is a lot like the Arm and Hammer scooper we have seen above. The difference is that it is priced at a much lower range than the one above. If your budget is tight and you cannot afford Arm and Hammer scooper, then this Petmate scooper is a practical alternative.

The Petmate scooper comes with similar features as the Arm and Hammer like the same pole connector and swivel bin design. As such, it allows quite an efficient storage of the rake that is connected to the system. It has an extra-long ergonomic grip. The swivel bin also has a large capacity. The combination of the rake and bin system is quite efficient.


Tiny Turd Nomad Pooper Scooper

Tiny Turd pooper scooper is almost like the Jawz scooper; some similar features include one-handed operation and serrated teeth. But the scooper by Tiny Turd is priced a bit higher than the Jawz scooper. Perhaps the reason is that the Nomad scooper is packed with a set of dog waste bags.

One other difference between this Tiny Turd scooper that sets it aside from the Jawz scooper is the dual recoil tension mechanism. Also, the customer care of Tiny Turd will help you out in fitting the scooper together as well. This is a great pooper scooper that you can purchase since it does effectively collects your dog’s poop and packs it in a dog waste bag without additional effort.

As said above, our pooch’s fecal matter is not exactly gold that you would want to collect and preserve. And the poop cannot be converted into manure or natural fertilizers as well. Hence, it is always seen as an environmental pollutant and should be removed immediately with the help of a dog pooper scooper.

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