Training Dog Treats

Owning a pet and taking care of it is often taken to be limited to feeding it and loving it. But what pet owners often do not realize is the training that pets require. Especially, dogs that are not trained can be difficult to handle. Training a dog becomes much easier with training dog treats. If you have not heard about them, then reading this article will educate you enough so that you can decide what kind of training dog treats will be the best for your dog.

 Top Training Dog Treats

Training Dog Treats

What are training dog treats?

Earlier, training dogs used to be much different where punishment was often the way to train them. However, it is heart-breaking to see your beloved dog get punished right? So, we suggest training dog treats that are food items that dogs love. From cookies to meat treats, the types can be many. Such training dog treats are crafted specially for dogs, keeping in mind the kind of food that dogs usually have. With the help of these treats, training a dog gets easier and becomes a healthy process.

Know the types

Knowing the different kinds of dog treats is important for every owner. What is even more important is to know which one is best for your dog. Choosing the right one can foster a healthy relationship between you and your dog. Plus, it will inculcate good behavior in your pet. Check out the types of training dog treats that are available in the market today:

Soft treats

Soft treats are usually quite chewy and they come is various sizes, shapes, and flavors. Their texture is often loved by most dogs and that greatly helps during the training days. Going for a small size is usually better because it is easy to be chewed and eaten. This gives out a clear message to the dog, indicating that this is a reward for good behavior.

Bone treats

The primary quality of bone treats is their benefit for the dental health of your dog. These are meant to be chewed for a prolonged time and therefore help in the strengthening of the teeth. However, go for a medium or small size as they might create blockage if swallowed whole. Also, choose the ones that are not too hard as they might end up hurting the teeth of your pet.

Crunchy treats

Also known as dog biscuits at times, crunchy treats come in different sizes, flavors, and shapes. You should select the size based on how big your dog is. Also, the quality should not be compromised and only those training dog treats should be chosen that a good brand is offering.

Jerky Treats

Jerky Treats are known for their delectable taste. They are a bit like human food and come is several forms like seafood, liver, poultry, meat, etc. Due to this reason, dogs get attracted more to these treats and obey you during the training period. Ensure the quality of the product and purchase them from an established brand.

Meat Treats

Meat Treats are mostly created from the meat of exotic animals like ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, etc. Of course, they are procured ethically and are also healthy for your dog. They are processed to form small chunks like cookies which can be easily chewed and eaten by your pup. Most dogs love these treats.

Benefits of training dog treats

Apart from the fact that training becomes much easier with training dog treats, there are other benefits of such treats as well. Let us have a look at them:

Show some love

When your pet will be rewarded with a treat after the training, it automatically makes your pet feel loved. This also shows them that you care and will create a strong bond between you and your pet. The moment you give your pet training dog treats, you can see the feeling of gratitude in their eyes.


A lot of companies have come up with training dog treats today that are also very beneficial to the health of your pet. They contain proteins, minerals, and other ingredients that promote health in your dog. Also, there are special treats that are made with no calories, which are best for dogs that are overweight. They will convert the body fat into energy which will make your pet more active.


Training dog treats help making your dog active if they are becoming lazy. While you train your dog or take it out for walks, the training dog treats will give them a reason to be active, run around and indulge in sports.

Dental care

Dogs often have dental issues like foul smell, buildup of plaque, weak teeth, etc. There are training dog treats that have certain chemicals which are meant to fight such issues. They will help break down tartar, or plaque in your dog’s mouth. This will decrease the growth of bacteria in the mouth and further reduce foul smell.


A lot of pet owners complain about their dog facing problems with digestion. Training dog treats these days have ingredients like yogurt, fructo-oligosaccharides, chicory, etc that help in digestion. Probiotic elements in training dog treats are also greatly beneficial for the digestion of food.

In spite of the benefits of training dog treats that we mentioned, you should be careful not to be indulgent with your dog. We can hardly resist those puppy eyes but the health also has to be taken care of. Too much of training dog treats can in fact create more problems like gaining of weight. Also, most training dog treats have clear instructions of their dosage. Make sure you follow those instructions and serve the treats to your pet accordingly.

Now that you know enough about training dog treats, you can decide what kind of training dog treats you want for your lovely pet. The sooner you buy them the better. And if you have a puppy, then this is the right time for its training. Check the list here online and order from any trusted brand. You can also check at your local retailer for training dog treats.



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