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So many cat food brands in the market but how do you know which is the one for your kitty? This is where some expert opinion might help. We have tried to look at the various recipes, ingredients profiles, and quality of Wellness Cat Food. If you have not heard about this brand, it is not a big deal. Since it is a popular brand that produces cat food, we thought of having a look at it. Let us see what is in store.

Best Wellness Cat Food

Wellness Cat Food

Background of Wellness

In the year 1997, WellPet LLC created the brand Wellness. The initial venture of WellPet LLC was Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats. This brand was comingled with Engle Pack and as a result, WellPet LLC was formed. WellPet LLC now stands as a contributory of Berwind Corporation which is a company in private investment management.


Where does Wellness source its products from?

There is a factory in Indiana which is owned by Wellness. This is the location from where the company sources most of its products. Other products like Divine Duos, Wellness Signature Selects and their range of canned foods are all brought in from Thailand. If you want to know more about the sources of the products of Wellness then you can check that out on their website. They have provided a detailed account of the production process of their canned foods as well.

On visiting the website, you can also see that Wellness claims to procure ingredients that are only of the highest order. The raw materials used in the products are chosen with care and they go through a verification process which checks their quality and freshness. The brand also says that their products are strictly made to go through a safety check process which has been approved by AAFCO and the FDA.

Ingredients of Wellness Cat Food

The most common ingredients that Wellness Cat Food uses in all their recipes are chicken, water, dried egg whites, and potato starch. The primary ingredient being chicken can be a source of great protein for your cat. This will make sure that the protein content that your cat requires is sufficient in the diet. What is great about Wellness Cat Food is that no artificial dyes or flavors or by-products are used in the making of the cat food. So, the safety and health factor is taken care of.

Some of the other secondary ingredients that Wellness Cat Food uses are ground brown rice, brewers rice, rice, barley, oatmeal, canola oil, oats, tomato pomace, pea protein, etc.


Types of Wellness Cat Food

Be it a wet or dry formula, you will find them both at Wellness Cat Food. You will also cat food in other forms like pouches and treats which cats love a lot. As you know, there are various life stages in cats and they require various nutritional profiles during these different stages. Irrespective of whether you have a kitty, an adult cat, or a senior one, you will find any meal for them on the recipe range of Wellness Cat Food.

The meals of Wellness Cat Food are rich in proteins, omega 3 and 6, and include antioxidants as well. The cells of your cat will be in the pink of health with the consumption of such recipes. You can choose various meals from two food lines of Core Grain-free and Complete Health Dietary Solution. Recipes from different lines will fulfill different needs of your cat so you have to make a choice accordingly.

Again, there are various flavors of Wellness Cat Food as well. From beef and salmon, turkey, chicken and lobster, to sardine and crab with shrimp, you will be baffled with what to choose and what not to. No doubt your kitty is going to have a gala time.


Popular ratings of Wellness brand

When we saw what customers and reviews had to say about the brand, we were pretty impressed. With mostly a rating of 7 on 10, the company has got our votes. As regards to the ingredients, the quality, price, the experience of the customers, Wellness has gained the confidence of its customers.

With a few recalls in its history, the company had to see some tough times but they recovered because of their dedication and their top class quality. They have a wide range of products too which attracts customers even more. All in all, the ratings of the brand have been such that you can easily rely on it for getting cat food for your kitty from this brand.


What is the cost of Wellness Cat Food?

A positive fact about Wellness Cat Food is the price range that it provides. You can go for products that are inexpensive or choose cat food that is priced high as well. For instance, a product from the product line of Complete Health will cost you about $0.19 each ounce. Whereas, if you choose to buy a product from the line of Divine Duos, then your product might cost around $0.57 each ounce.

Similarly, there are other food recipes for cats from other product lines as well. A meal from CORE Grain-Free Dry Food will be priced at around $0.23 each ounce and a meal from the line Complete Health Indoor Dry Cat Food will be priced at $0.17 each ounce. So, as you can see, from low to high, there is quite a big difference between the different products of Wellness Cat Food.


Where to buy Wellness Cat Food from?

If you are looking online for Wellness Cat Food, then you will find it practically everywhere. A lot of online websites sell this brand of cat food because of its increasing demand. You just need to place an order for the exact product you want and it will reach you in a jiffy.

As a different option, you can also buy Wellness Cat Food from a local pet store. A lot of countries have outlets that store Wellness Cat Food. You will find it in countries like Japan, New Zealand, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.  

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